The Top Free Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iPhone

The Top Free Cydia Apps for Jailbroken iPhone

Best Free Cydia AppsJail-breaking a means really breaking out of the frame to unleash the raw power and features iPhone can have. Using apps which require jailbreak means losing the polish of the iPhone and Getting great features and making the iPhone all the more useful. There are an overwhelming number of iPhone apps to choose from if you have jail-breaked your iPhone! The largest third-party app store for a jailbroken iPhone is Cydia which gives a real mammoth number of useful iPhone apps and is absolutely legal, for the apps are not the ones on the App Store, but apps made by other third-party developers. Cydia too sports a number of paid and premium apps which do some functionality missing in the iPhone.

Here’s the list of the best and free iPhone apps that you can install from Cydia.

1. WinterBoard

WinterBoard is a utility that helps you tweak your iPhone Appearance like never before. Unlike the official way which only lets you change the background of the Home Screen or the BackGround of the lock screen, winterboard lets you install third-party themes which have unlimited possibilities, from changing the screen background to adding widgets on the lock-screen to changing the display of the clock to allowing games to be played on the lock screen to what-ever the developer imagines. This also poses some risk because if you install the themes from some untrusted source you may end up jamming your iPhone and having to reset it.

2. Backgrounder

Back-Grounder is an app that allows the iPhone to make applications run in the background. This is one feature that seriously lacks in the iphone. Though in iphone 4 have given multitasking, it saves the state of the application instead of allowing it to run in the background. With backgrounder, your iPhone actually does true – multitasking. Backgrounder is also available for the Ios 3.xx so even the older versions of the iPhone can do multitasking. If you install another app known as Pro-Switcher with this app, then you can easily switch between apps running on the background by double-pressing the home button.

However, running an app on the background will drain the iPhone battery very fast and also it will use a lot of RAM (and iPhone comes with very little RAM)

3. AsBattery

AsBattery is a program that does not do much, but it does good. It will add a small text near your battery level indicator containing the actual percentage of the battery. The default iPhone Battery Level indicator which will still be at the side just gives a very rough estimate of how much battery is available, which is not enough!

4. Activator

Activator is yet another amazing iPhone app that brings all the functionality to your control and at your choice. You can set what action when done where does what. For Example, when you access the iPhone app you can select anywhere Lock-Screen/Home Screen and then at the next page you can select what action you want to do. Lets say that among the many options on this page you choose “shake” and then on the next page you choose what action you want, lets say “lock/unlock“. Then whenever you shake the iPhone on the home-screen your iPhone will return to the lock screen.

Do you any other popular free app for Jailbroken iPhone then share with us in form of comment below.

This is a guest post by Ayush Agrawal. Ayush Agrawal is a 15 year old blogger from Kolkata currently pursing his 10’th. He blogs at Technovalley. Circle him on Google+.


  1. says

    There many more great apps. For instance AsBattery is not necessary as jailbreaking software (such as redsn0w) will offer you this option during jailbreaking.
    I would also suggest SBSettings which is absolutely priceless -and its free. biteSMS is also great app free of charge (litte ad is displayed) that makes your life much easier.

    • Ayush Agrawal says

      You are right. Now that Siri has been launched, there are more apps for siri like assistant extensions. The possibilities after jailbreaking are limitless!

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