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11 Top Ways to Increase AdSense CPC

Increase AdSense CPC

Before we discuss the top ways to increase AdSense CPC, let's first define the term CPC or 'Cost Per Click.' If you are using Google AdSense on your web pages then you will know that these are adverts from Google's AdWords advertising program. Advertisers using the AdWords program pay Google for every click made on their adverts. When you place AdSense blocks on your web pages and …

Apple iPhone 6 Expected Features Infographic

Apple iPhone 6 Expected Features Infographic

Among the forthcoming tech events, the biggest one is the arrival of the most awaited smartphones; the iPhone 6. The 9th September, 2014 is going to be a memorable day for all the Apple fans. With its grand launch at Cupertino, California in just 3 days, it has created a new height for the expectations in smartphone technologies. However, the actual selling of the phones will begin from …

The Xiaomi Mi3: Is it Really Worth all the Hype

Xiaomi Mi3

Almost everyone wants to get their hands on the latest smartphone as soon as they are launched. Like MP3 players and other handheld devices, smartphones have become an incredibly hot commodity around the world. Picking which is best takes careful consideration. From Samsung to HTC to Xiaomi manufacturing their own smartphones, you have a lot of options. Outside of personal preference, …

VoIP Makes the World Go ‘Round’


For the longest time, traditional telephones were the hub of business communication with lines snaking across buildings and between cities to make commerce flow. In today's Internet-based world, connections are often made through broadband technology. Voice Over IP Phone Services is a complicated term for a simple idea: Use the Internet to make phone calls across the world. There are …

MediaPad X1 7.0 Vs Nexus 7

MediaPad X1 Vs Nexus 7

Gone are days when you had only one device to choose under the label 'Tablet PCs'. Now, however, due to several reasons, there has been a noticeable hike in the number of Tablet PCs and other sots of smart devices. Thus, nowadays, it is a tough task to choose the best Tablet PC! Among that huge list, ASUS-made Google Nexus 7 and Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0 are ones that create big confusion …

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AWeber Coupon

AWeber Coupon

The AWeber autoresponder is one of the world’s top autoresponder services, and most believe it to be THE world’s leader in list-building technology. What is an Autoresponder? An autorespon  …
Hostgator Coupon

HostGator Coupon

HostGator coupons enable you to get a discount on your choice of HostGator web hosting services. Using coupon for HostGator is easy – simply enter the coupon code where requested as you go throu  …
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