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Giveaway #17: 5 Licenses of iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

Hello, Readers, after a short break, we are back with an exciting giveaway! This giveaway might be a bit more striking if you are a movie or music buff, who will have to convert videos and rip DVDs to enjoy favourite flicks and tracks using a variety of devices. For instance, suppose you do have a MKV Video with you, but want to play that video in Samsung Galaxy Y; in this situation, you …

Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies Which Will Make or Break Your Business

Digital Marketing Strategies

One of the major factors that decide effectiveness of your marketing efforts is whether your practices are updated. It is worth noting that your efforts would become futile if you are not following current trends of marketing. By clearly analyzing current trends of digital marketing, you have to form effective marketing strategies, which will then have a tremendous effect in increasing …

Latent Semantic Indexing: How Does the LSI Algorithm Work?

Latent Semantic Indexing

Google uses LSI to assess the meaning of the written content on your blog or website. Latent semantic indexing is a misnomer for 'latent semantic analysis,' a statistical analytical technique that can use character strings to determine the semantics of text - what that the text actually means. Here we shall discuss some aspects of LSI that make you think differently about keywords …

PPC Advertising: How to use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is a common way of promoting a service or product on the internet. In fact, it is possibly the most common online advertising technique though that would depend upon definitions. Email marketing is popular, and even the very act of setting up a niche website could be argued to be a promotional technique. Semantics aside, what exactly is PPC advertising? It is …

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GoDaddy Banner

GoDaddy Coupon

GoDaddy Coupons are available for web hosting services and domain name registration. If you are looking for a domain name and/or a web hosting service to use it with, GoDaddy coupons will enable you t  …
Hostgator Coupon

HostGator Coupon

HostGator coupons enable you to get a discount on your choice of HostGator web hosting services. Using coupon for HostGator is easy – simply enter the coupon code where requested as you go throu  …
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