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How to Monetize a Blog: Monetizing a Blog for Profit

Monetize a Blog

If you know how to monetize a blog, then you can use your blog as a source of income. Many people like to make a few dollars from their blog as extra spending money, while for others it is their full time income - they are professional bloggers. Whichever of these two extremes you belong to, monetizing a blog for profit makes sense. Why put effort into creating and running a blog …

Twitter Tools to Find and Unfollow Inactive Users

Twitter Tools to Find and Unfollow Inactive Users

Twitter is all about following and interacting with your favorite personalities and famous figures. Often it happens that we go on following numerous accounts that possess some catchy words to attract more and more followers and we all together end up by following even some inactive users. It's good to stay systematic; and this also applies to your virtual social world. Naturally, it is …

How to Use SEMrush: Competitor Analysis Made Easy

How to Use SEMrush

Knowing how to use SEMrush correctly can make competitor analysis very easy. This SEMrush Review focuses on how to use the tool to analyze what your competitors are doing to get their web pages indexed and listed on the Google search engine results pages. If you want to be successful with online business or professional blogging it is very important, probably even critically important, …

Wix: A Free Website Builder

Wix Homepage

If you have a dream of building a website, without spending much time on code and server management then you might have heard of is web-based solution that does let you create impressive websites in a code-free manner. What can be more innovative than this when a web developer has a complete website to help build his own one and that too free of cost? This is an …

Dofollow Backlinks Vs. Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks Vs. Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks or nofollow backlinks – there appears to be a great deal of confusion between these two. When and where should each be used? This confusion is connected with a general uncertainty or ignorance regarding: Google PageRank The allocation of so-called 'linking juice' What these attributes actually mean How Google applies them Nofollow not being the same as …

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SEMrush Coupon

SEMrush Coupon

SEMrush is a suite of high quality tools enabling you to carry out a complete competitor analysis. It offers a number of tools that can assist you in finding out what your competition is doing to get   …
Hostgator Coupon

HostGator Coupon

HostGator coupons enable you to get a discount on your choice of HostGator web hosting services. Using coupon for HostGator is easy – simply enter the coupon code where requested as you go throu  …
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