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How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Complete Blog Traffic Guide

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Knowing how to increase blog traffic is an essential skill, not only for professional bloggers but for anybody who wants to attract the maximum number of visitors to their blog. This complete blog traffic guide will help you to achieve that. Running a successful blog takes a lot of hard work, passion and commitment. However, it also requires a great deal of knowledge. It can take …

Why Mobile Gaming is the New Mainstream

Mobile Gaming

From Angry Birds to Candy Crush, and even Grand Theft Auto, mobile games are becoming increasingly influential and embedded into popular culture. We've come a long way from Snake, to the point where a Clash of Clans TV advert (see below) featuring actor Liam Neeson, was aired during the Super Bowl in February and has over 50 million views on YouTube. With this rise in popularity, the …

CleanTalk — the no-CAPTCHA yet Effective Way of Spam Fighting for WordPress

CleanTalk Plugin - Find Plugin

It has been a long while since SPAM has lost its effectiveness, when it comes to link-building and other stuff! In spite of these facts, there is no difference in the number of spam comments, spam registrations that you get on your blog or website even though you might be using some of those not-so-effective spam protection solutions! Majority of such solutions want you to keep an eye on …

How to Keep Your Online Store Safe and Trusted

Safe Trusted Online Store

Building a successful online business is about more than having the right marketing strategies and a nice website. It’s also about building a base of repeat customers who are loyal to your services or product. But fostering lasting customer relationships isn't easy – especially online, where websites struggle to attract and retain visitors. One of the best ways to encourage customer …

Tourism and Technology: Five Reasons Why India’s Economy Is Booming

Tourism and Technology

The Indian economy has been in a state of expediential growth throughout the 2000s, continuing prosperously since gaining freedom from the British some 63 years ago. The country is immersed in a state of industrialization, with many emerging industries beginning to hold real dominate stakes in the global market. India now has the 7th largest GDP in the world, and has quietly established …

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InMotion Coupon

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MaxCDN Coupon

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