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Busting the Myth Behind ‘Unlimited’ Web Hosting

Unlimited Web Hosting Myth

When busting the myth behind unlimited web hosting, it's important to be sure about what we are discussing and what type of web hosting is involved. It's also important to get the definitions right! Unless we are all on the same page regarding the meaning of the words we are using, then there is likely to be a great deal of confusion – although we have that already! Unlimited web …

10 Negatives of Blogging: Bad Things About Writing a Blog

Bad Things About Blogging

There are several negatives of blogging. The potential bad things about writing a blog can affect anybody, particularly those thinking of going professional. There are also many good things about blogging, but it isn't all good - with everything going perfectly well and you being able to sit in front of your keyboard and make money whenever you needed it. There are many negatives …

Bluehost Pro Vs. Bluehost Shared Hosting: Is it Worth Upgrading?

Bluehost Pro Vs Bluehost Shared Hosting

In discussing the pros and cons of upgrading to Bluehost Pro we should perhaps first check out the difference between that and the regular version of Bluehost web hosting. What does Bluehost Pro offer that the standard shared hosting package does not? The fundamental difference is more space. The Pro version offers you more resources with significantly fewer other users sharing the …

Four Tricks to Keep Your Data Usage Down

Free WiFi

Have you ever pushed it to the limit? If you have a tiered mobile data plan, the answer is probably yes. Tiered data plans put a cap on the amount of data you get per month. If you surpass your data limit, you either get cut off or charged more, depending on the plan. Nobody wants to get cut off or charged more, so the question becomes this: How can a smartphone user keep data usage …

Powerful Blogging Tips: How to Blog Effectively

How to Blog Effectively

Here are some powerful blogging tips that will help show you how to blog effectively. They will be useful to beginners and experienced bloggers who need to know how to generate and retain a high readership. Knowing how to write powerful blogs is extremely important to any blogger, and while you will learn through time, these proven tips should help to sharpen your learning …

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AWeber Coupon

AWeber Coupon

The AWeber autoresponder is one of the world’s top autoresponder services, and most believe it to be THE world’s leader in list-building technology. What is an Autoresponder? An autorespon  …
Hostgator Coupon

HostGator Coupon

HostGator coupons enable you to get a discount on your choice of HostGator web hosting services. Using coupon for HostGator is easy – simply enter the coupon code where requested as you go throu  …
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