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Four Tricks to Keep Your Data Usage Down

Free WiFi

Have you ever pushed it to the limit? If you have a tiered mobile data plan, the answer is probably yes. Tiered data plans put a cap on the amount of data you get per month. If you surpass your data limit, you either get cut off or charged more, depending on the plan. Nobody wants to get cut off or charged more, so the question becomes this: How can a smartphone user keep data usage …

Powerful Blogging Tips: How to Blog Effectively

How to Blog Effectively

Here are some powerful blogging tips that will help show you how to blog effectively. They will be useful to beginners and experienced bloggers who need to know how to generate and retain a high readership. Knowing how to write powerful blogs is extremely important to any blogger, and while you will learn through time, these proven tips should help to sharpen your learning …

Laptop Vs. Tablet PC Vs. Smartphone

Laptop Vs. Tablet PC Vs. Smartphone

There was a time when PC meant just one thing – a set consisting of monitor, system unit and peripherals. However, such a single-choice concept will be horrible now, we bet! In past years, particularly the past two decades, there was a revolutionary change in design and availability of different computing devices, which accounts for dawn of some of popular computing devices of today – …

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Fast by Google

Index Blog Post Faster

If you can get your blog post indexed fast by Google, then it will appear quickly to anybody searching for information using keywords relating to the tags of your post. Many will say "Why worry about Google – they don't run the internet!" – but they are wrong. Google takes over 60% of the total search traffic, the rest being split between Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many others. Some of these …

5 Must Have Security Apps for iPhone Monitor and Control Application

Keeping the security measures stringent for your iPhone is indeed very essential. Hackers can steal your confidential data with a help of wiretapping also there are many other iPhone threats. Security apps help you to stay away from hackers and also protects the important data and passwords on your iPhone. Following is a list of 5 popular security apps which are extremely handy to …

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