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Rajesh Namase is a professional blogger and founder of TechLila. He has a great passion in blogging and SEO. If you’d like to connect with him, use our Contact Us page.

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Powerful Blogging Tips: How to Blog Effectively

How to Blog Effectively

Here are some powerful blogging tips that will help show you how to blog effectively. They will be useful to beginners and experienced bloggers who need to know how to generate and retain a high readership. Knowing how to write powerful blogs is extremely important to any blogger, and while you will learn through time, these proven tips should help to sharpen your learning …

How to Get Your Blog Post Indexed Fast by Google

Index Blog Post Faster

If you can get your blog post indexed fast by Google, then it will appear quickly to anybody searching for information using keywords relating to the tags of your post. Many will say "Why worry about Google – they don't run the internet!" – but they are wrong. Google takes over 60% of the total search traffic, the rest being split between Yahoo, Bing, Ask and many others. Some of these …

How to Migrate a WordPress Blog Without Downtime

Migrate WordPress Blog without Downtime

There may be occasions when you want to migrate a WordPress blog from one hosting service to another without your blog going down while you are doing it. A seamless transition is generally better than having a 'Maintenance' notice displayed on the screen. Important: Do not inform your existing host of your intention to change until you are sure your blog works correctly on your new …

The Best Alternatives to HostGator Hosting

Alternatives to HostGator Hosting

The best alternatives to HostGator hosting are not necessarily those nearest to it in style and services. In fact, if you want to move away from HostGator, you might consider moving from EIG companies completely. EIG is the Endurance International Group that owns HostGator, Bluehost, Apollo Hosting, FatCow, eHost, HostMonster, JustHost, PureHost, iPage and many others. If one goes down …

How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics

Set up Goals in Google Analytics

It is fairly easy to set up goals in Google Analytics, although you should be clear in your mind what these goals should be. You are permitted to set up 20 goals per reporting view, and you can't delete a goal and replace it with a new goal – so plan your goals carefully. Google Analytics is an extremely useful free tool, and if you are not using it you are missing out big time on …

Sponsored Posts and Other In-Page Advertising

Sponsored Posts and Other In-Page Advertising

Many people make money from their blog through sponsored posts. Fundamentally, this involves you getting paid for placing posts on your blog for an advertiser. People sponsor posts for a number of reasons, the most common being to promote products or services and another common reason being to get a backlink from an authoritative blog. For example, if you have a gardening blog, you …

Where to Find Topics for Your Blog

Where to Find Topics for Your Blog

Knowing where to find topics for your blog can save you a great deal of time. If you are running a busy blog you will know that time is important to you, but also that your readers are continually hungry for new topics to read about. It is easy to run out of such topics, so what do you do then? Before you know it, you find yourself writing about any topic that comes into your mind, …