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Rajesh Namase is a professional blogger and founder of TechLila. He has a great passion in blogging and SEO. If you’d like to connect with him, use our Contact Us page.

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Is an Exact Match Domain Name a Good Idea?

Exact Match Domain Name

At one time an exact match domain name (EMD) was a great way of getting a quick listing and good ranking position for your web pages or blog. However, much has been written lately about Google now penalizing exact match domains and regarding the tactic as being somehow underhand. While such domain names no longer have the same impact as they once had, this is not what Google has been …

Top 10 Distraction Free Text Editors for Bloggers and Writers

Distraction Free Text Editors

Distraction-free text editors are useful if you want to write in a relaxed environment without interruption from graphical toolbars, reminder beeps, distracting interfaces and so on. Every successive release of Microsoft Word comes with even more bells and whistles and you often find yourself spending more time with the menus than actually writing. Here is the list of the top 10 …

What are the Best Payment Processors for a Blog?

Best Payment Processors

When considering the best payment processors for a blog it is important to understand some of the terms used. When you use your blog to sell products or services, you need a method of accepting payment. However, it is easy to get confused with terms such as payment processors, payment gateways and merchant accounts. Let's deal with that first: Merchant Account: This is an account that …

New Domain or Subdomain – Pros and Cons of Subdomains

New Domain or Subdomain

When discussing whether a new domain or subdomain would be better for you, it is important that we all understand what is being discussed. A new domain a distinctly different website, while a subdomain is directory on a main domain that operates independently of the main domain. Technically, the www in www.yoursite.com is a subdomain, as is the first part of yoursite.co.uk, but we …

How to Use SEMrush: Competitor Analysis Made Easy

How to Use SEMrush

Knowing how to use SEMrush correctly can make competitor analysis very easy. This SEMrush Review focuses on how to use the tool to analyze what your competitors are doing to get their web pages indexed and listed on the Google search engine results pages. If you want to be successful with online business or professional blogging it is very important, probably even critically important, …

Dofollow Backlinks Vs. Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks Vs. Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks or nofollow backlinks – there appears to be a great deal of confusion between these two. When and where should each be used? This confusion is connected with a general uncertainty or ignorance regarding: Google PageRank The allocation of so-called 'linking juice' What these attributes actually mean How Google applies them Nofollow not being the same as …

Ghost or WordPress: Comparison Between Ghost and WordPress

Ghost or WordPress

Prior to choosing Ghost or WordPress, or even carrying out a comparison between Ghost and WordPress, it is important to understand the thinking that led to the development of the Ghost blogging system. For the moment, it's not a simple matter of comparing like for like but of establishing which of the two best meets your needs. They are not similar: it's almost the same as …