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AWeber Alternatives: Alternatives to AWeber for eMail Marketing

AWeber Alternatives

There are several AWeber alternatives, although probably only two or three that can offer anything like the range of features that AWeber can. In fact, to be truthful, there are not many alternatives to AWeber for email marketing that can offer what this comprehensive list building autoresponder can offer, although those below can likely provide all that you need for a working …

What is Cloud Hosting: How Does it Really Work?

What is Cloud Hosting

What is cloud hosting? The cloud is the buzzword just now, but what is it and how does it really work? In order to understand that, you must first be able to envisage what this 'cloud' is. Our purpose here is to explain the meaning of cloud hosting, and how you can use it to your benefit. Let's first be clear on what the 'cloud' is. In essence it is a collection of servers that can be …

Free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins: Why Are They Free?

Free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Have you ever considered trying free premium WordPress themes and plugins? We are not talking about the free themes that WordPress and many developers offer online, but premium themes that offer support, security and awesome functionality. Examples of such premium themes are Divi 2.0 (Elegant Themes) and Genesis (StudioPress). You get more options, more customization, more …

7 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

There are many SEO mistakes bloggers should avoid, although probably the most common is not to understand what Google is for. Once bloggers understand the purpose of Google and the other search engines, they will be more likely to avoid the 7 SEO mistakes listed below. So let's spend a little time discussing why Google exists. We are using Google as an example because it is the most …

Where and How to Check Internet Speed

Internet Speed

Knowing where and how to check your internet speed can give you a good idea whether or not your internet connection is as fast as claimed by the provider. However, you need to need to be careful what is being measured, and whether or not a slow speed is connected to the internet service as such or to your server speed. Do not confuse your broadband specification with your internet …

Is an Exact Match Domain Name a Good Idea?

Exact Match Domain Name

At one time an exact match domain name (EMD) was a great way of getting a quick listing and good ranking position for your web pages or blog. However, much has been written lately about Google now penalizing exact match domains and regarding the tactic as being somehow underhand. While such domain names no longer have the same impact as they once had, this is not what Google has been …

Top 10 Distraction Free Text Editors for Bloggers and Writers

Distraction Free Text Editors

Distraction-free text editors are useful if you want to write in a relaxed environment without interruption from graphical toolbars, reminder beeps, distracting interfaces and so on. Every successive release of Microsoft Word comes with even more bells and whistles and you often find yourself spending more time with the menus than actually writing. Here is the list of the top 10 …