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Rajesh Namase is a professional blogger and founder of TechLila. He has a great passion in blogging and SEO. If you’d like to connect with him, use our Contact Us page.

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Google AdSense Alternatives – Monetize a Blog Without AdSense

Alternatives to Google AdSense

In a previous post we explained how to use AdSense to monetize a blog. We also explained how easy it is to lose your AdSense account. So what if Google fails to approve your site for AdSense, if it has disabled your account or if you prefer not to use AdSense at all? What are the alternative advertising networks that share their revenue with publishers, and what other ways are available …

How to Use AdSense to Monetize Your Blog within the AdSense TOS

How to Use AdSense

AdSense is Google's contextual advertising program whereby adverts are placed on the pages and posts of participating bloggers. The program is also used extensively on regular websites, but we shall focus on blogs here. The adverts you see are taken from Google's AdWords campaign, those ads you find on the right hand side and at the top of the left side of Google's search engine results …

Comparison of Yoast SEO, SEO Plugin by Squirrly and WordPress SEO Ultimate

WordPress SEO Plugins

When considering SEO plugins for WordPress, the most popular appear to be Yoast SEO and the all-in-one SEO plugin that at one time had little competition. However the WordPress SEO Ultimate plugin is now available and Squirrly has been introduced as a viable alternative. Is this true, and what is the difference between them? A great deal depends upon your requirements, the depth of …

Using Freelance Sites For Blog or Website Content

Freelance Sites for Blog

Using freelance sites for blog or website content makes a lot of sense in one way, but not necessarily in another. Let's forget the negatives for a moment and focus on the issues involved even with genuine freelance sites. Do you honestly believe that those making money from their blogs write all their content themselves? Of course not - large numbers of them use freelance sites or …

AWeber Alternatives: Alternatives to AWeber for eMail Marketing

AWeber Alternatives

There are several AWeber alternatives, although probably only two or three that can offer anything like the range of features that AWeber can. In fact, to be truthful, there are not many alternatives to AWeber for email marketing that can offer what this comprehensive list building autoresponder can offer, although those below can likely provide all that you need for a working …

What is Cloud Hosting: How Does it Really Work?

What is Cloud Hosting

What is cloud hosting? The cloud is the buzzword just now, but what is it and how does it really work? In order to understand that, you must first be able to envisage what this 'cloud' is. Our purpose here is to explain the meaning of cloud hosting, and how you can use it to your benefit. Let's first be clear on what the 'cloud' is. In essence it is a collection of servers that can be …

Free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins: Why Are They Free?

Free Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Have you ever considered trying free premium WordPress themes and plugins? We are not talking about the free themes that WordPress and many developers offer online, but premium themes that offer support, security and awesome functionality. Examples of such premium themes are Divi 2.0 (Elegant Themes) and Genesis (StudioPress). You get more options, more customization, more …