Facebook Message Online with Chit Chat for Facebook

Facebook Message Online with Chit Chat for Facebook

Despite Chit Chat for Facebook offering a desktop client, Blackberry app and iPhone app – they had, until now missed out both Mac and Linux users. From a user perspective, more often than not, it is against policy in many businesses and schools to install software on their computers. This caused a problem where individuals, wished to use Chit Chat but was unable to due to company restrictions.

Chit Chat for Facebook

Facebook Web Messaging on Firefox, Opera and More…

Introducing Chit Chat for Facebook (Web), it’s an application of sorts. It’s a web-based Facebook messaging app that you can use in your browser – for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. It feels and acts like a desktop messaging application, but isn’t just portable, it’s entirely web-based.

Chit Chat (Web) connects to the Facebook chat network allowing you to message your Facebook friends at your convenience. Given that it’s bundled with engaging functionality such as speech bubbles (like you’d see in a comic), searchable contact list and the ability to insert emoticons at a click of a button it’s sure to prove popular with many people.

Why Use a Facebook Online Messaging App Over Facebook.com?

Prior to writing this review, a friend of mine asked me – why would you use Chit Chat (Web) instead of Facebook.com to chat? The answer is simple. It’s a great alternative and compliment to Facebook.com chatting rather than a fully fledged alternative in itself.

What Chit Chat (Web) offers is a really engaging Facebook messaging experience, it makes handling many engaging conversations at once much more simple – and doesn’t require endless amounts of scrolling or button clicks. Moreover, the enhanced Facebook notifications – for example when someone is typing or when friends login or out of Facebook chat, Chit Chat really comes into its own and is very advantageous over Facebook.com Chatting. In summary, if you’re intending to log on to Facebook for Facebook chatting rather than Facebook feeds, then you’ll probably find yourself logging into Chit Chat (Web).

Chit Chat for Facebook Options

What Isn’t so Good about Chit Chat’s Facebook Chat Browser App?

What isn’t Chit Chat (Web) good at? Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t support group messaging and it doesn’t allow you to check out your friends Facebook feeds. It does however, have the ability to retrieve all of your friends Facebook status at once. Whilst interesting, how useful this gimmick is, is questionable. Having said that, do you remember the huge popular – almost uprising against Facebook feeds when they first came out? So, whether this feature will stand the test of time is up for debate.

Concluding Points on the Chit Chat for Facebook Web Messenger

To conclude, Chit Chat (Web) is worth checking out if you use Facebook web chat on a regular basis. It’s particularly useful for those whom are unable to install a desktop application on their computer to keep connected to Facebook chat. It won’t completely eliminate your need to access Facebook.com – but it will make your chatting more engaging and easier.

Why Check Out Chit Chat (Web):

  • Provides portable Facebook chat messaging from your web-browser.
  • Cool blue interface that makes instant messages easier to read.
  • Fantastic communication with regard to when friends come online/offline/away on Facebook chat.

The browser version of Chit Chat for Facebook is 100% free. Check out the Chit Chat Facebook web messaging app now.

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  1. sourabh says

    I wanted to try this out but it said it wasn’t available for Win XP yet. I’m going to upgrade to Win 7 soon, so then I will try it out.

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