Home Security Tips When Going On Vacation

Home Security Tips When Going On Vacation

After collecting all those vacation leaves, finally you can go on that much awaited and very much needed vacation. With all the hype – you know, arranging tickets, packing up, cooking up a food supply – we often forget to prepare for the security of our soon-to-be-lonely house.

Home Security Tips

I’ve seen it happen again and again. On departure day, everyone’s panicking – hurrying to catch the plane while trying to stuff more t-shirts on the bag, mommy’s struggling to pack everybody a sandwich and all that jazz – these last minute roundabouts is what makes our house susceptible to burglary because we sometimes forget to lock doors, lock windows and turn on our home security systems. However, supposing you didn’t forget to lock locks, does that mean your house is now safe? Not exactly.

Here are 5 home security tips that you should consider aside from locking locks:

1. Stop Treating Strangers Like They’re You’re Best Friend

Ladies, I’m afraid there are some things inherent in our nature that, unfortunately, puts our homes in danger. What’s that? Our “blabbing” nature. We love to share information to other people. A professional burglar revealed that this is one tell that your house is going to be abandoned – a very easy target handed to them on a silver platter.

Ladies, while getting your hairs cut and nails done, don’t blab to attendants about your vacation. Restrain from revealing key details such as the date, how long, where you live. Even while attending your kid’s soccer games, or coffee shops. You never know when there might be an evil ear eavesdropping on your conversation.

2. Make It Look Like You’re At Home Even When You’re Not

Even if you don’t blab about a vacation to a stranger, there are still some ways to know whether a house has been temporarily abandoned such as:

  • No lights
  • Leaves accumulating in the yard
  • Uncollected mail, newspapers, flyers on your door
  • A “too quiet” house

These tells that your house is empty. If you have invested on “timed-lights” that would be great because you can schedule them to automatically turn on during the night. Also, ask the post office to hold all your mail for the duration of your vacation. If I’m not mistaken, you can hold mail from 3-30 days. Have someone sweep your house occasionally, maybe you can ask a relative or a good neighbor.

3. Release The Beast!

Dogs are one of the best house bodyguards. Oh, and just to be clear, I am referring to big-ass dogs. Not Chihuahuas, not Shih-Tzus, I mean Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Dobermans – big-ass dogs not cute and cuddly ones! If you have a big-ass dog, then release the beast!

4. Have Someone Keep An Eye On Your House, Alert The Police

Though home security systems are a great asset for our home security, it wouldn’t hurt to get humans on the job as well. Ask a very trusted neighbor to keep a close watch on your house as well. If they see any suspicious cars slowing down and eyeing the house, have them call the police. Speaking of the police, it’d also be good to alert the police that you’ll be on vacation. This way, they can patrol your street often to keep an eye on your house. I just hope that your police ain’t dirty cops.

5. Be A Good Neighbor Yourself, Report!

You get what you give. You can’t expect to have a safe community if you’re not the kind of neighbor who participates. One small way you can contribute is to simply look out for your neighbors as well. Whenever you see suspicious people or cars eyeing their house, report to the cops immediately. If you see burglars trying to break in, alert the authorities. Be a trustworthy neighbor, only then can you receive good favors from your neighbors as well.

As you can see, home security goes beyond locks. Beyond gadgets. If you want to be safe, you have to live a lifestyle that promotes security.

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Vedant Kumar is an 18 year old blogger from Kolkata with an avid interest in security topics. A lazy coffee lover, he also loves to tinker with his Android.

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  1. says

    Good tips for someone who is leaving the house for a day or two. When you will be out of town for a week, it is best that you have someone to look over your house.

  2. says

    If I’m going on a vacation, I might have to take my dog as well. There is nobody is our neighborhood who can handle my dog and feed him. Instead what I do is turning all the cameras on with the security system that automatically controls the light. It is pretty cool and big relief. Great post
    Shalin recently posted – Make Beautiful Infographics Online With CreatelyMy Profile

  3. Joe Hart says

    Having a dog makes my life a lot easier.Whenever i go for a vacation, i have complete peace of mind because i let him loose and make arrangements to feed it on a regular basis while i’m out..No burglars there…Great piece of information..Very useful.
    Joe Hart recently posted – Dental ImplantsMy Profile

  4. says

    Now a days even money in ATM are robbed.So we can make use of gps technology to prevent robbery.That mean we can set a gsm to our lock..if its properly opened then no input to gsm…

  5. Jeremy Norton says

    Having a good relationship with neighbors is very important to also ask a favor during the times you are away from home. The tips you gave are all very useful.

  6. says

    Dogs are the most faithful and reliable animal. previously i also one pug but after shifting here we gave him to dad’s friend….but still i missing him.

  7. J says

    Good to know security tips. The last one is especially important. Having a good communication and relationship with your neighbors is really important. In fact, one of my neighbors stopped a robbery from happening to another neighbor of ours, simply because she was keeping an eye on the house.

  8. says

    Oh Dogs are the best guard for your house. Once we went out to eat outside, when a burglar tried to break in and stole stuffs. Luckily, my Siberian Husky heard the commotion and started to bark fiercely and the neighbor heard it and saw the burglar.

  9. says

    I would prefer to do two works. First, I will establish a good relationship with neighbours. Second, I will own a personal protection dog to protect my home in my absence. I would request the neighbours to feed it while I am alone. In this way, I can leave home for several weeks.

  10. Sharon says

    Security Surveillance Systems are a good option to prevent break-ins. I use Vivotek cameras and Security Monitor Pro as a Security Surveillance software. Security Monitor Pro provides an important feature, it notifies me by email when an alert is triggered. I have caught several alarming incidents, and it helped me to prevent a disaster, while I was away on a long vacation.

  11. says

    Whenever I leave home for an outing, no matter how swift or long the day trip is, I keep the lights at the living room on and I leave slippers and shoes at the door. As far as strangers are concerned, I try to befriend the neighbors. Nice neighbors will look after each other. I am lucky to have mine look after my property whenever I am not around. :) Nice post you have here, by the way. :)
    HaileyLaw recently posted – How Much are Silver Quarters Worth?My Profile

  12. says

    Being a good neighbor help a lot. It is true that when our neighbor asks for their home to be watched, then do it because we don’t know that we will ask them that favor too. If releasing the beast, make sure the gate is locked that the dogs could not go out. I really like this article. It makes sense!
    Jordan recently posted – Emergency Locksmith San AntonioMy Profile

  13. says

    Just found out about a doorbell for your smartphone called DoorBot. It’s Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell that allows you to see and talk to any visitors that come to your door from anywhere you decide to go on vacation. Could help with home security.

  14. says

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post. These tips will definitely help people who want to go for a long vacation and want to get their home secured. Installing some security gadgets with the help of locksmith will make you more secure.

  15. says

    Adorable tips , Home security is essential for every home and specially when you are not at you home. Security systems really help you lot. Electronic security systems are also cost effective and long durable so good option to use.

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