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Andor Nagy is a 17 years old student, who is interested in modern technology, mostly web development and web design.

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How to Install WordPress Using cPanel

Install WordPress Using cPanel

In our previous article we showed you how to install WordPress on a local server. Now we'll move one step forward. Let's say you just bought your new hosting server which uses cPanel and you want to install WordPress on it. How will you do that? There are multiple ways to do this, all of them are pretty easy and can be done within a few steps. In this article we'll show you how to do it …

Related Posts in WordPress Without Plugin

Related Posts

In this article we'll discuss about related posts in WordPress. How to display them without a plugin and why are Related Posts important. Many people use it, but some of them only use them because others do as well. They don't know the reason of it, why it helps and other small important things. Why are Related Posts Important for a Website or Blog Related Posts as you might …

How to Use WordPress Advanced Menu Options

WordPress Advanced Menu Options

In the WordPress 3.0 version called the "Menu Update", there were some nifty things added to the menu options but only a few of us uses them. The reason for this is, because they need to be activated. These options are not shown as default we need to activate. But if we make use of these options we can do a lot of cool stuff to make our blogs, websites more unique. How to Activate …

How to Create Sub-Domains Using XAMPP


In the previous article we've been talking about how to set up XAMPP on your local PC and how to install WordPress on it. But what if you want to have multiple websites on your local server? You could simply create new folders and open them as but that's just boring! How about creating a subdomain? Something like, now that looks like something, …

How to Install WordPress on a Local Server (XAMPP)

InstallI WordPress on Local Server

In this article we'll show you how to install WordPress on your local computer. Why is it useful to have WordPress on your local computer? Well, maybe you've a website, and you want to change something on the website's theme, but you don't want to risk that if you mass up something, your website will go down, and you'll lose a lost of visitors or you might want to create your own theme …