Android OS Vs iPhone OS Which One is the Best for Personal Use

Android OS Vs iPhone OS Which One is the Best for Personal Use

If you are choosing between the Android operating system and the iPhone OS (iOS), then you should first decide which features and functions are most important to you. The information below should help you decide, although if you do not know what is important to you then you might have a problem.

The first thing you should be aware of is that Apple keeps a strong hold on its operating system, whil Android started life as part of an open alliance of 84 electronics firms, backed by Google, with the objective of developing a consistent operating system between them. Android is adaptable, and even though it was purchased by Google, other developers can use it. For example, Samsung uses it it the firm's Galaxy smartphone, and LG also uses the Android OS.

iPhone is specific to Apple, which puts the iOS in direct competition with all other smartphone manufacturers. This is one reason for Android to be outstripping Apple devices in sales. One of the problems with the iPhone OS is its limited compatibility with non-Apple portable devices.

Android OS Vs iPhone OS

Here are some differences between the two:

The Interface

If you prefer a simple interface, then the iPhone OS offers a simple and clean menu system that those new to smartphones will appreciate. It is significantly easier to navigate than an Android OS device. However, if you like digging deeply into menus to find the app or feature you are seeking, then the Android OS will make you drool! Often simplicity is not best, however, and too simple a menu system can leave many options behind – such as a QWERTY keypad.

The Android interface is ideal for QWERTY typing, rather than the type of keypad that drives many people mad when they try to be quick with their messages, making errors when hitting a glass or plastic screen. Android facilitates the use of a genuine keypad with real keys where your finger don't slip on the plastic. You can puchase a number of smartphones offering real physical keypads that slide from under the touchscreen, and of a type that the iPhone OS cannot support.


Android wins with multitasking. Apple's OS4 has improved multitasking from previous versions, but Apple restricts the iPhone to its Apps store, and the capability of the iPhone to multitask is dependent on the Apps store classification. This can significantly compromise multitasking speed and efficiency, and Android wins every time here. It's the old Apple fixation with its own stores that restricts the OS from being used to its full capability.

Android, on the other hand, has no such restrictions, and while this is not ideal, it is still preferable to the restrictions imposed by Apple. The Samsung Galaxy 10.1, for example, uses the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS which offers true seamless multitasking between multiple screens.

Use of Folders

The use of folders is new in the iPod Touch, but Android has offered them from the start, thus giving them a head start in this method of organizing your files on portable devices. Many people have no need for folders in their smartphone, but if this is an important feature for you, then Android wins hands down.

Applications (Apps)

Without a doubt, the Android OS beats the iPhone iOS hands down! This is not because of any technical difference between the operating systems, but simply because Android is open source. Even though it is owned by Google, the software is open for developers to use to generate apps. You will find an app for just about anything that is compatible with the Android OS, while iPhone OS apps must be approved by Apple.

Yes, there are many iPhone apps available on the market – from the Apple Store at Apple prices, though to be fair some are free. With the Android OS, however, you can go online and download unlimited apps suitable for the operating system. If you want an app to carry out a specific task, you have a significantly higher chance of finding it for Android than for any Apple device!

Which is Best: The Android OS or the iPhone OS?

Which is best between the two depends on your own personal preference. Apple fans will prefer the iPhone OS because it integrates perfectly with other Apple products such as the Apple Mac computers and laptops, the iPod and the iPad. Not only that but the unified email inbox is neat, and offers something that Android cell phones do not have – unless you find an app out there that offers this feature.

That's something you cannot get with the iPhone operating system, because it is patented and not open source as Android is. Anything else that is email related, however, is also available on Android devices. Each offers great game options, although the open source nature of the Android OS will likely push it into the lead in this respect.

With regard to games, Android lags well behind iPhone- in fact it is next to impossible to find good games for the Android OS. Flash is another problem, though in this case with the iPhone OS. Apple has always been critical of Flash, and if you use Flash or want to access sites or apps that use it, then Apple will not allow you – Android will!

In conclusion, there is very little between the two, although the open source nature of Android offers the opportunity for a more diverse range of apps, if not more in actual number. With the iPhone OS you are restricted to apps and other software that Apple approves, while Android is open to anyone that wants to use the operating system to design an application.

Android OS Vs iPhone OS: fundamentally, the choice is yours and the differences are not sufficient to place one much higher than the other. Apple fans will use nothing else, even if restricted to the current version of the iPhone, while Android users will like the availability of cell phones such as the Motorola Droid and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus.


  1. Jessie says

    We know that these two OS are the leading OS in the market today. But I still choose Android because it has many features and you can customize it and install new ROMs but before that you must root your phone first. There’s a new rooting software today.

  2. says

    Dam sure. Android is better than iPhone. There are tons of features available in android. I have mentioned few points that have noticed android have and iPhone doesn’t.
    Android can Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time
    Android Lets You Choose Your Hardware
    Android Keeps Information Visible on Your Home Screen.

  3. Fabi daps says

    I really love Andriod OS. i have been using Andriod OS for a while. i have used Iphone but had to sell it due to the interface. Andriod Rocks while IOS sucks

  4. says

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this helpful comparison. I’m not sure I’ll ever be completely convinced one way or the other, even after I buy my next phone! But seeing it laid out like this helps. I think I’m leaning toward android (probably S4) after several years with an iPhone, although that certainly might change after the upcoming WWDC. :)

  5. says

    Great article, what I love about android is efforts it has taken let users and manufacturers do what they want to. The flexibility to do things with android is what is making it popular. Whereas with iOS, Apple brand and simplicity to do things which are needful at the best way helps lot of not geeky users.
    John recently posted – Kyocera Hydro Edge – A Diver In Harsh WatersMy Profile

  6. says

    I believe both of the OS are in their own respective worlds, whereas maybe apple fanboys wont like to shift to Android phones like Galaxy S4 or HTC One but it all comes to user’s own choice. Me being apple fanboy swapped my iPhone 5 for Galaxy S4 just because of widgets, the OS which is so advanced right now what iOS gives. Android gives most of flexibility which I liked the most. I think nerds like us like Android more than iOS.

    Try reading this article, it in reality shows what iOS 7 will provide you which Android 4.2 version has already got last year.

    p.s. not a spam..
    John recently posted – Nexus 7 spotted again, coming soon at Best Buy, confirms price at $229.My Profile

  7. says

    I started my story with symbian powered gadgets by Nokia and ended up with Android devices. I’ve also windows phone from Nokia. The good thing I like about Android us the avaibility of free apps for different purposes. whereas when we take top class apps on iTunes they are always premium bundled with pricetags. If I don’t find any app of my need I look for other android developers. Some of the premium apps are also available off the android play store. I’ve been using android since the I left symbian and I love its flexibility of customization. Great side to side comparison. But, literally, I like iPhone’s design and look.
    Rupak recently posted – Why should we think twice before buying an ultrabook? Ultrabook vs laptop reviewMy Profile

  8. says

    Apple’s iOS is my favorate for its performance & smooth
    1ghz processor with 512mb ram on Iphone 4 performance is more better than Samsung galaxy s2 with dualcore chip and 1gb of ram and also the battery backup…:D
    But the good thing about Android is its customization
    Android is my favorite for its really cool features
    I love both of these OS and also using both :D
    Sourya Kharb recently posted – 5 Best (Top) Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500My Profile

  9. says

    Nice article Rajesh namase. I think you are Indian. I had been reading your each article from past 6 months. You write very well. I am having both Iphone and smartphone. But then also i will go for Smartphone main thing about them is that we got a diversity thier. and can choose according to our budget.
    I am having a blog on which I write about games and apps. Just the recent article Best android email client
    Ansh Yadav recently posted – Best Android Email Client Apps | K9 Email Client | Gmail Email ClientMy Profile

    • Noname says

      They are both smartphones idiot! And you call them both “phones” only, you guys don’t always have to use the word *smart before the word “phone”, because 80% of the people have phones with touch interfaces today!

  10. says

    To each his own. iPhone and iOS work best for my preferences so in my opinion, it is better. I have friends who use android phones though so I know it’s also good. There’s really nothing to get mad about whether you’re using one or the other, it’s all about what works best for you. Anyway, great comparison Rajesh!

  11. Lakshman Teja says

    As i have used both the mobiles i am more comfortable with android as we can customise our own Android phone as we like by doing a little bit of hardwork. As the opensource Android helps several enthusiasts to develop the platform.As the people can create their own Roms. I will go with Android.
    Lakshman Teja recently posted – Lewa OS Custom Rom for Micromax A88My Profile

  12. says

    Android is the future os of next upcoming market so its very wide field where we can easily see our future but these are also facts that android boom is sudden in market and many companies like apple is the constant player in the market so its very difficult to say that how much time it will remain but in the current position its the main leader of mobile os market.
    kuldeep recently posted – Top reasons behind Rise of Android OS in mobile operating systemMy Profile

  13. says

    Apple and Android both are very powerful OSs. Apple set the standards with its experienced team and their innovation and quality. Android has also done a great job taking its opportunity and I think Android can only get better with time

  14. says

    It’s two different mindsets, basically. Android is for people who like to customize things and tweak settings. iOS is for people who want to keep it simple. I prefer the latter, but Android is a good OS. I used to have Windows Phone when it first came out and at the time, it was so ahead of everything else. Too bad they never improved it.
    Hugh recently posted – 10 Ways To Avoid Apple App Store RejectionMy Profile

  15. says

    While features are important, at the end of the day, the smart phone is a style statement and what you choose very much depends on snob value of what you perceive to be better, the iPhone or the Android. Also this is the era of apps. So what your peers use and how to stay connected with them is very much important while selecting a smart phone.

  16. says

    Nice Comparison between two best OS in the smartphone market. But don’t forget that Google the owner of Android is still developing and incorporating new things into a smartphone for free of cost than the Apple. Just by comparing the differences between Eclairs and Gingerbread we can feel it, Apple is a bit slow in development when compared to Google.

  17. says

    Hey Rajesh Namase,

    Really superb comparison about android OS and iPhone OS, Recently I moved my self to android smartphone from iPhone..

    Actually my opinion is comparing android os nad iOs android have lot of free apps, and and also low cost apps.
    One of my favorite App is available for android just 3 dollars, but at iPhone it’s cost is 15 dollars ..

    Thank you very much for this nice comparison..
    parthiban recently posted – How to Run Android OS & Apps on PC ( MAC & Windows)My Profile

  18. abhilash says

    the new version of iOS, Apple come with many new features like Healthbook, Better Map App, multitasking, and it easy to use. Android has good number of Apps and we can free to customize. wait for iOS 8.

  19. says

    The never ending or apple..

    Had them both and its really a difficult pick…apple is extremely stable and offers a whole lot of great apps, for example they have more useful applications for aviation than android has.
    But than again android really is dynamic!

    Great comparison! thanks


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