DU Speed Booster App for Android Phones: Review

DU Speed Booster App for Android Phones: Review

Android users are fantasized to abundant variety of Android applications made available. They go on installing almost every other app they find useful and interesting, and why not, the apps have entirely made a human daily routine easy! On the other hand, lots of apps on the phone affect its efficient working by reducing the speed of all the activities carried out. One among the same bunch of apps proved to be a solution for this problem. In September, 2013, DU Apps Studio introduced the DU Speed Booster (cleaner) app in the Android apps market that claimed to boost up the speed of the device.

DU Speed Booster App for Android Phones

The basic idea that it uses is cleaning up the storage space to free up some memory and hence, speed up the phone. Initially, when it was launched, it was just a basic speed booster, but after its success, few more striking features were added that could smoothen the overall experience of using a phone.

DU Speed Booster Optimize Phone


This is similar to a task manager and lists down three important features:

DU Speed Booster - Maintain Top Speed

  • Process Manager: Manages the tasks running at the background by killing away the unused and unwanted. It even mentions the amount of processes to be cleared.
  • Auto-Start Manager: This disables the automatic app start so that it creates convenience for the Process Manager to regulate the apps, but acts only for rooted device.
  • Freeze App Manager: This clears up the memory by freezing up unnecessary apps.

Process and Auto Start Manager

Game Booster

The Android gaming app freaks will be happy to know that a new version of DU Speed Booster was launched post its premier. It included the Game Booster that was particularly developed to grade up the game play faster and smoother. Both manual and auto-recognition of games is enabled and different types of gaming operations are supported using system resources.

Game Booster

Trash Cleaner

Not only phone memory, this feature discards the cache files from the SD card too. It scans each and corner of your device in order to wash away unwanted apps and indirectly increase some storage space to optimize the system speed.

Trash Cleaner

  • Cache Cleaner: It works at the phone memory level where it clears away the useless cache files of the apps.
  • Residual Cleaner: It works at SD card level where the left over app files are washed away.
  • Large files Cleaner: It even works at SD card level where it cleans up compressed files, etc.

Cleaner Function - DU Speed Booster App


This feature is inclusive of free Antivirus Protection provision. Wherein there is download and installation of several heavy apps, antivirus protection is a must. To make the user more comfortable with the surfing and download process, it was a brilliant job done by the DU Speed Booster to introduce the most potent Antivirus system, AV-Test, into it. It even provides a blocking feature that can individually block any incoming call and SMS.

Antivirus - DU Speed Booster App

App Manager

Organizing all the apps on your device is very essential to get a hike in system speed. This task is separately carried out by four different sections that are available under this label. The first three give an ease to the users to install or uninstall the apps simultaneously by highly beneficial one-touch interface. The APK Manager looks for unnecessary app files on both the SD card and phone memory platform, and cleans it up. The Move App2SD carries out transferring process of apps from the internal phone memory to SD card in order to make some space available in the former one.

App Manager - DU Speed Booster App

App Manager

Battery Saver

The battery saver in this app is known as DU Battery Saver that claims to extend the battery life up to 50%. You are already aware that the system speed optimization depends on the battery life of device. Hence, it is of great significance to enable the battery saver; don’t think much, just click on the ‘Start to Saver’.

Battery Saver - DU Speed Booster App

After going through all these app features, you must have noticed an entirely eye-catching look of the background. And how can we forget about the Spaceship (the animated floating icon on the home page of phone)! This particular attractive thing makes the users interact more and more with this versatile multilingual application. The single-touch interface is a plus point that the app posses along with complete simplicity in its access to every featured label. Well, so far now, I would suggest you to get this outstanding app installed on your Android smartphones now and take full advantage of faster working device. Launch your spaceship soon and let it fly faster, hope you know what I mean!

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    Hi Aishwarya Gunde,

    You always came up with an interesting and useful post. I am very glad to hear about Speed Booster Application for android phone. I really enjoyed a lot while I read this article.

    Thanks for sharing….

  2. says

    DU Speed Booster is a powerful device manager that will help you master your background tasks, memory space, apps, and battery power through easy interface and one touch controls. It is a total Android phone management solution that combines advanced functionality of an app task killer, speed and ram booster, storage analyzer and clean master as well as a battery saver.
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  3. James says

    Thanks for providig such useful information. I hope this will help to increase the speed of my slow Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

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    I never used this app and I’m really thankful for this share. I really love this type of
    apps which would boost the the performance of the mobiles.


  5. Danielle says

    How can I recover pictures that were deleted in a scan? I lost over 800 photos both taken with my camera in my phone & saved photos from online…Please help by telling me I recover them…please

  6. Kevin D Record says

    How can I Restore Pics after this program deleted Them? It Wiped Several Thousand Pictures of animals That I Have Saved From Death. MOST URGENT PLEASE…

  7. Rac says

    I too am beyond upset about my photos and videos that are removed by this app. I have tried to recover it by using disk digger, but unfortunately only a few photos are recovered. Can someone please tell us how to solve this problem?

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