WordPress Tips for Using Power WordPress Plugins to Upgrade Your WordPress Blogs

WordPress Tips for Using Power WordPress Plugins to Upgrade Your WordPress Blogs

The power of WordPress lies in its many plugins. You can't say no to a power plugin of WordPress, which is always helpful to increase the functionality of your blog. WordPress plugins can gradually enhance the functionality of your blog. If you are sincere with your creation, then you should install these extra-ordinary WordPress plugins to get the best of results. Remember, your WordPress blog will work well if you have taken advantages from such programs.

Using Power WordPress Plugins

A plugin can never interfere with your work on WordPress, but the key aim of this program is to make your blog more attractive and user-friendly. Similarly, you can have these programs for free and make them an integral part of your site.

You must follow these guidelines to get the best out of any WordPress plugin:

  • You must check the compatibility of such plugins with your WordPress blog's version. Compatibility should never be compromised.
  • Check update status, as when it was updated.
  • People who were of different opinions get some response or not. Similarly, check comment of the users.
  • Check how it can help you with its major features.

WordPress plugins is exclusively designed for you to use custom functions in accordance with your personal needs. From trendy themes to blog security, these plugin will always remain helpful to you. To download the relevant plugin, you can go with the official site of WordPress Plugins repository.

You can check each plugin one by one and after your complete analysis, you can have your desired plugin. This is for sure that you can't run your blog in the absence of such plugins.

Use "Akismet" to Fight Against Spam

It will definitely relieve you from the pain of moderation. Let the Akismet check for comments on your friendly blog and decide whether it's a spam or a real message. It will also show a status history related to comments and let you understand which comment was completely cleared by this tool. It's free for your personal blog and you can use it conveniently. It can provide you a 24/7 surveillance against spam.

Maybe, you don't know that web spam is bit different from e-mail spam. So, let Akismet solve this issue for you so that you keep working on your blog.

Share your site with AddThis Plugin

If you want to share your site with famous social networking and commons sites, then you can use AddThis plugin. Through this plugin, you can have an option to share your site’s link on different sites or at the personal page of some social networking site.

Don't you want to promote the content of your site on more than 330 sites on the Internet? If your answer is yes, then why not rely on AddThis? Now, you don't have to work more on the promotion of your site, as the users will do it for you through AddThis. It’s a user-friendly plugin as it's small and can be recognized by all the websites.

If you sign up to its free account, then you can easily monitor the activities of your users. You can check what they are doing and which content they like the most to share with others.

Really Simple CAPTCHA

If you are fed up of spam, then you should rely on this powerful plugin. It will help you keep spam away from your site. Really, simple CAPTCHA is quite better than any other WordPress CAPTCHA plugins. It can produce very simple CAPTCHAs and a user can afford to use them with big ease.

For those guys who are tired of the spam game, they can rely on this plugin and keep their blog a spam free place. For beginners, it is a good option to keep this useful WordPress plugin working.

WordPress Database Backup

It has become a necessity for every WordPress blogger. This is a marvelous database backup tool that can provide you with a strong back for all you WordPress content. Really, you can't afford to have a data loss on your well maintained blog. It can help you with its "automatic backup" feature, which can work well on regular basis. At least, you don't have to worry about the data loss, as WordPress database backup is here to help you.

Quick Adsense

It's time for you to earn through your blog. So, why not earn money through AdSense? Through Quick Adsense WordPress plugin, you can easily insert AdSense Ads and other types of ads to your blog posts. It will provide you guidance related to the positing and appearance of the ads. It's up to you whether you want it or not. One thing is for sure that it can be your ideal way to earn money.

People say "content is everything," but there are some other things as well. You can't live without a useful plugin. It can make your blog a real exception and something more visible among other contemporary blogs. So, don't wait and use the best WordPress plugins as per you needs. Which WordPress plugins are you going to try?


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    Thanks for sharing this information and resources its really help full for me with the help of this we can improve our web design and development.

  2. wade says

    Thanks for sharing this information and resources its really help full for me with the help of this we can improve our web design and development

  3. john sharma says

    I am designing website so can u help me? Which plugin is best suitable for adding captcha code and advertise on website or should i use adds rotator plugin, and how to check counts per post.

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    you must also use the security plugin for wordpress. it is also very important. and another important thing is to update the wordpress to latest version. older versions are frequently hacked

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