Modified Mystique WordPress Theme – MystiqueRevised

Mystique is a free WordPress theme that attempts to top commercial templates in terms of design and functionality. Still some people need more features, so we modified Mystique 3.1 theme and added a lot of features. We believe you’re going to really love this one. The features of this theme are as given below:

Theme Features:

  • Custom Login Screen.
  • Modified 404 Page (Will help to decrease bounce rate)
  • Customized WordPress WYSIWYG Editor (Added some extra buttons in WYSIWYG Editor)
  • Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links in author profile page.
  • Modified appearance of next and previous links.
  • Modified appearance of comment icon.
  • Modified appearance of “More” Button.
  • Moved up Twitter and RSS buttons.
  • Alternate header image.
  • Modified appearance of links.
  • More …

Modified Mystique Theme


Download Theme

If while uploading theme, it shows error then upload theme in wp-content/themes using FTP.

Theme name: MystiqueRevised

Theme type: editor-style, custom-header, translation-ready, threaded-comments, theme-options, flexible-width, one-column, white, light

Release date: 28-10-2011

Coder/Designer Name(s): Rajesh Namase.

Coder/Designer URL(s):

Advanced Details: