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Mystique is free WordPress Theme designed and developed by Milenko – A freelance web designer. Recently he has updated the Mystique 2.4.3 theme to Mystique 3.0 which is built around the Atom Framework. Mystique 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the old Mystique, even the design has been updated. Mystique 3.3 is feature-packed theme with a solid design, built-in widgets and an intuitive theme settings interface. There are a lot of features in this new version, which are beyond your imagination.

Mystique 3.3 Demo Small

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Mystique 3.3 Features

  • 6 Layout Types – Each one can be context dependent.

Mystique Settings Layout Options

  • 5 Color Variations – Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Silver.

Mystique Settings Colors and Styles

  • Fluid or Fixed Page Width
  • bbPress 2.0 support
  • Tabbed Widget – Group arbitrary widgets into tabs.

Tabbed Widgets

  • Built-in Widgets – Twitter (Your latest Twitter updates), Featured Posts (You can set ordered by comment count or by view count), Recent Posts, Random Posts, Recent Comments, Top Commenters, Tag cloud, Users – A list of users/authors from your blog and more.

Widget Option

  • Widgets Visibility Option – Provided Page Visibility Option for each widgets. No need to use Widget Logic WordPress Plugin.

Visibility Options

  • Column Splitter – Splits area into 2 columns.

Column Splitter

  • Social-Media Icons – Many icons are provided by default, no necessary to use any plugin. You can add your own icons easily.

Social-Media Icons

  • “Go to Top” button – Useful especially if you have long posts or long pages.
  • Ads Section – This section helps you create advertisement blocks in non-widgetized areas. Many option are provided to create and manage ads. Milenko has developed Ad manager WordPress Plugin which is still under development but it is fully compatible with "Mystique Theme". So you might use it, if you want to manage your ads easily.

Ad Manager WordPress Plugin Settings

  • User Country Flags – Display visitor country flags in comments.
  • Child Theme Support – If you want to modify Mystique theme then use child theme of Mystique so you'll not loose any modification after theme update. Checkout our Mystique theme modification article – How to Modify Mystique 3.0+ WordPress Theme.
  • Custom Menu Support.
  • Theme settings import (importing theme settings from older version to new version)
  • In built Light-box feature for images.
  • Featured Gallery Slider.
  • Mystique Theme is heavily optimized for search engines.
  • More …

Mystique Theme Demo | Download Mystique Theme | Modified Mystique Theme.

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