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Version: 1.1
Requires: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.4.2
Price: Free

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The Author Product Review WordPress plugin uses a system known as ‘Schemas.’ This is a way to offer Google spiders a means of better understanding the meaning of aspects of your page content to help you get higher rankings. Some terms are ambiguous, with several meanings, but by using Schema tags you can make it perfectly clear to search engine algorithms what you mean.

The Author Product Review plugin uses this method to enable you to create product reviews and publish them as blog posts. The plugin displays stars at the bottom of the post that you can control from 0.5 to 5 stars. You can opt to hide your ratings from readers of your blog – but that should rarely be used.

When you use this WordPress plugin, your WordPress blog review post will show the author, the name of the product, the price and the number of stars you allocate it. This helps to improve your Google ranking for the posts in which you use this plugin. Once your blog gets known as a respected review site, and more people visit it, you will make more money. The Author Product Review WordPress plugin facilitates that.

Rich Snippets Testing Tool Preview

How Does the Author Product Review Plugin Work?

Author Product Review Post Edit OptionsIt’s very simple to activate and use, as all good WordPress plugins should be. When you activate the plugin you will see a screen (widget) in right sidebar while editing posts with fields for you enter the name of the product, its price and the currency used. Widget is shown in the image at right side.

You then get the rating options: The minimum (0.5) and maximum rating (5). Also option is provided to set minimum and maximum ratings. You can click a box to show the rating – you may want to hide this from readers of your blog and provide it later. An example of this feature’s use is that you can introduce the product as being under review and that the rating will be offered shortly. You can then click the box at your selected time.

You can decide whether the rating stars are presented vertically or horizontally. We found the latter to be the best looking. Once you have posted your review on the Edit Post page, your rating will be shown at the bottom. If you want it at the beginning or anywhere else in your post, simply use the tag provided in the appropriate position.

This is what the admin page looks like:

Author Product Review Settings Page

The Author Product Review WordPress plugin utilizes HTML markup that enables Google to read your author name, price and rating, and so recognize it as a review. This improves your ranking on Google SERPS. You also improve your click-through-rate and are overall likely to make more money.

Download it here.

What are Rich Snippets?

Google recognizes ‘rich snippets’ as offering more information from a web page than the regular preview text that you see below the title in a Google listing. By using structured data standards, Google is in fact inviting you to use such snippets and mark up your HTML to be more noticeable to Google algorithms. This is something that few webmasters are aware of, but which could significantly improve the listing position of their web pages.

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Once you have installed the Author Product Review plugin you can employ Google’s Rich Snippets testing Tool to check it out and make certain that it is working properly on your blog post. It should give you a preview of your post as it would appear to visitors.