Why You Should Implement Google Rich Snippets

Why You Should Implement Google Rich Snippets

Google’s search results are not new for anyone – containing a page title as well as a little text snippet for every result. Google Rich Snippet has made it possible to add useful information to the web search result snippet thus making it different from other results plus attracting more visitors.

Implement Google Rich Snippets

When your website or blog appears at any search engine, specifically Google, and it includes Rich Snippets markups such as the breadcrumb, authorship, and star ratings, the chances of it being clicked and visited are increased.

Advantages of Rich Snippets

For all you people who are unaware let us tell you that a good deal of advantages are associated with Google Rich Snippets. Have a look:

  • Helps build better blog SEO: Webmasters and bloggers are always in search of an edge when high rankings on search engines are concerned. Rich Snippets, however, features the potential of turning the tables. It plays a vital role in ranking your content as it provides the content summaries which come with search results for the web pages, while being popped up in the main listings.
  • Helps factoring search: The most important advantage of Rich Snippets is that it makes content indexing easier for major search engines. Putting it simple, Rich Snippets favors small or new bloggers in numerous ways, like by helping achieve a higher rank by emphasizing on actual content relevance thus elevating your web page above those which rely simply on adroit alcove keyword optimization.
  • Makes you stand different: The most admirable thing about Rich Snippets is that it allows Google to show author image, breadcrumbs, product reviews etc. Also, it helps add more to the quick blurb appearing alongside the results in the SERPs. When users search for any goods or service on internet, something with a 4 or 5 star ranking in the SERPs appears prominent as contrasted to plain text description which play a central role in attracting a large number of visitors.

Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Once you’ve implemented Google rich snippets, you can use the Google’s Rich Snippet testing tool to check the mark up. You should also ensure that Google is able to extract the data from the review of the products. This tool will generate a preview of how the reviews will look like in the search results of the search engine.

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Google Authorship Breadcrumbs Google Structured Data

Google Authorship and Breadcrumbs

Product Review Structured Data

Product Review

Wrapping up, the most important usage of Rich Snippet is that wastage of time lessens by shifting through irrelevant search to look for what is being searched for. If your content contains quality as well as good info content, Rich Snippets can help push traffic towards your direction. The most important benefit of the more highly targeted traffic reachable through Rich Snippets includes a much higher conversion rate irrespective of the website type being run.


  1. Amit Kumar says

    I agree with you Rajesh, rich snippets are important to increase click thorugh rates. Thanks for the article and screenshots that you’ve shared.

  2. says

    Acceptable points.As today blogging is one of the major platforms on internet. many of the SEO people follows guest blogging in order to improve the keyword rankings and website traffic. I would say implementing Rich Snippet is a good way to register you as a trusty author.

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