What to Look for in Email Marketing Software

What to Look for in Email Marketing Software

Email marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach consumers with offers, news and other valuable content. Unlike most other marketing types, it can be used to effectively target only those who already have an interest in your brand and have opted in to receiving messages via this channel. There’s also an immediacy and global reach to email marketing that doesn’t exist in many other formats.

Email Marketing Software

If you’re simply sending out a newsletter to a few dozen contacts it’s possible to do so yourself but for anything more widespread or complex you are likely to need help. Email marketing software from firms such as Little Green Plane can help you create and manage your lists, craft, store and edit emails, and track and monitor results.

Good quality software should allow you to create good-looking professional emails.

Universal Compatibility

Whether starting from scratch, importing existing copy from elsewhere or using customisable email templates, you should be able to style your text and email structure, insert images and use important features such as unsubscribe and ‘forward to a friend’ buttons.

Emails should also have universal compatibility, or at least as close to it as it’s possible to achieve. Emails can often display differently in different email clients. The use of email on the go is also on the rise so it’s important that emails are optimised for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Filterable Recipients

Just as important as the actual email design is the list of recipients you will eventually send it to. Email marketing software should allow you to manage your lists easily. Those who unsubscribe should be removed quickly (and permanently) and your lists should be able to expand and contract with ease.

They should also be able to be filtered, sorted and searched allowing you to segment subscribers who meet certain criteria. This can greatly aid both targeting and personalization.

Integrated Services

Many software packages allow you to integrate with other services. These will frequently be social media sites but can also include payment services like PayPal and analytic tools such as Google Analytics.

Analysing any email marketing campaign is crucial and the software can help you track important elements such as how many emails actually get through and how many of those were actually opened.

Responses such as click-through to your website and forwards of the email can also be tracked. Reports and analysis can help you measure key aspects such as your return on investment.

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