Create and Edit Videos in Seconds using VSDC Free Video Editor

Create and Edit Videos in Seconds using VSDC Free Video Editor

A few years back, you would not have even thought of creating or editing a video by your own! We can also find that video editing was considered as a high-risky and technically oriented job a while back, but the story has an incredible change over in the current context. Nowadays, almost everyone is able to create, edit and publish videos by spending less time and efforts. What made this change possible is dawn of user-friendly video editing tools. Recently, we had done the review of 4K Slideshow maker, and today we would like to introduce VSDC Free Video Editor, which, as the name says, is a free Windows-based tool to create and edit videos in matter of seconds. However is your experience in editing videos, the completely free, effective and small video editor will suit your requirement. Here is how we felt to create a new video using VSDC Video Editor!

VSCD Free Video Editor Home-Screen

What Can You Do using VSDC Video Editor

Although the name of tool is VSDC Free Video Editor, it supports a number of actions to be done! Those purposes of using VSDC Video Editor are as follows:

  • Manual Editing: Using this feature, you can combine videos that you have stored in PC to create a new video!
  • Screen Recording: This feature is useful for blogger, who create systematic tutorials! Through this mode, you can record the entire screen of PC and then save it in a convenient file format.
  • Video Capturing: In this mode, you can use your webcam or any other source to capture videos. After that, it is possible for you to use the in-built editor to make those videos visually beautiful.

Combining and Editing Videos [The Manual Method]

As we mentioned earlier, you have to bring source video files into the tool and combine them to form a new one. For doing this, first, you have to create a new project. From the project-creation window, you should select Import video and images option along with technical requirements, such as resolution, frequency and width, of output video.

VSDC Creating New Project

In the next window, you will have to import desired source files such as videos and images! You can use file browsing or drag-and-drop method. Also, you can drag transitions from the above sections and place them in-between two of selected videos/images.

File Sequence Wizard - VSDC Video Editor

Once you have clicked the ‘Apply Settings’ button, the tool will lead you to the core editing scene! Using the window, you can apply several elements in the video, edit visual properties of video – such as colour tone -, special effects for videos, insert music , shapes etc. In other words, in this section, you can customize the video, especially if you have a bit more knowledge about technical aspects of the output video. In addition, you have an option to preview scene in the preferred resolution.

VSDC Editing Movie

After customization, you can export the video in the convenient format. If you do not know the supported file format of device, you can select the device from the list, and the tool will select the format for you. Now, by clicking Convert Video button, your video-creation process will start. According to the size, you can get the output file.

Exporting Project

Screen Recording and Video Capturing

In the screen-recording mode, you have to select the resolution of output video, select the area to be recorded, and it will start recording the screen in minutes. According to our experience, we faced no issues while recording screen, and quality of output file was nice. On the other hand, in case of video capturing mode, you can use external source to record video with customizable options. These two options are much productive, indeed.

Selecting Screen Recorder Area

Our Verdict

According to our experience, performance of VSDC Video Editor is somewhat impressive and it does well if your first concern is to create satisfactory videos without any sluggishness in-between! This absence of sluggishness can also be seen during installation of VSDC Video Editor, and it took a few seconds only. In addition, VSDC Video Editor does offer some “recommended” software that can be accessed during the last step of installation. However, this feature may vary according to the country you belong to! However, if you are able to access this set of free software, it will be a big deal, indeed. When we consider the fact that size of setup file is just 27MB, you might also wonder how the tool works so smooth in your PC. Download free video editor now, we hope most of you will check it out. Let us know your views in form of comments below.


  1. AmyColon says

    It is an amazing software…:)Article is written in clear words really very helpful and on top of that Snap shot makes the work more and more easier.Great Job :) Thanks for Sharing :)

  2. says

    Hi Abhijith..
    i just be here for the first time and i would like to ask a question about this post..
    Does this video editor clears the copyrighted contents while editing?Because while we download link from YouTube and all.While we modifying that video and maintaining the clarity and re upload will makes any copyright problems..??
    Miliee Cyrus recently posted – Best 10 Shampoo’s For Men in 2014My Profile

  3. says

    Hi Abhijith,

    Read your post really that was amazing software and post was very clearly with nice features. It’s just as simple to add a soundtrack, captions and credits, and you can save the results as a video file, or upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook and many other sites.

  4. Sabrina says

    I have a really important question.

    I created a project, and I saved it because I wanted to work further on it later; but now when I open my project again, I can’t add/delete any of the pictures and videos that are in the video. How do I edit a saved project?

    Please answer, it’s really important!!!

  5. Mark Rodriguez says

    This morning, I’d just got VSDC free video editor in hope I would make movie for like Sundance and Cannes Film festival. Does this software help me? I also like to be an actor.

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