Tricks to Maximize Your Time Spent on Google Plus

Tricks to Maximize Your Time Spent on Google Plus

Even though Google Plus has reached the 500 million user mark recently, it is still the new kid on the block of social media. Users are hesitant to jump in feet first mainly because of its somewhat challenging interface. However, social media novices and experts alike can find advantages from having Google Plus. Here are some insider tricks for starting up and making the most out of your account.

Google Plus

1. Import from Facebook

Using the Facebook Friend Exporter, an extension from Google Chrome, it is a breeze to import friends and contacts right into Google Plus. For better results, it is suggested that all other Chrome extensions that work with Facebook are disabled prior to using the exporter. Also, with the Move Your Photos extension, you can select all the photos or videos that you want to transfer to your Google Plus account. This may be an excellent idea, especially for users who are looking to use both of the accounts together.

2. Join a Hangout

Hangouts are the perfect opportunity for giving live presentations, conducting business meetings, or simply getting together with friends. All it takes is a simple click on “Start a Hangout,” and then send some invitations to contacts. Up to ten people can be invited at once and you may add a person after the hangout begins. One of the coolest features is Google’s “Listen” extension, which allows users to have a conversation with a person speaking another language and translates their chat instantly.

3. Download the Google Plus App

The new Google Plus App has been recently updated to an impressive speed and added features. It is available for free within the iTunes App Store and can be downloaded onto your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It allows users to share their lives as it happens, while on the go. From the app, you can post photos, read friends’ posts, and start a Hangout effortlessly without a computer.

4. Install Surplus for Google Plus

Downloading this extension reaps tons of benefits and expands the capabilities for your account. Surplus sends real-time Google Plus notifications of messages, updates, and requests right to the desktop or pop-up window. You can easily reply and create new posts from within the extension. Therefore, you will not have to leave the website you are on and waste time opening a new tab or signing in.

5. Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are not only for Twitter and Instagram anymore. Using hashtags in Google Plus is a great way to get noticed in the search engine and help you find whatever you are searching for. Add # before virtually any word that you want to be searched for on both posts and comments. Likewise, you have the ability to search through hashtags by your contacts through filtering the Google Plus search to include your circles.

The best way to learn more about Google Plus is to start exploring and playing around with your account. Equip yourself with these tricks and you will get the hang of it much faster!

Larry is a tech fanatic who is immersing himself in the modern culture and letting everyone know what he thinks via his second favorite thing, social media. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his dog and playing a competitive game of cribbage. Add him in your circles on Google+ and follow him on Twitter.


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    Nice article.

    Google Plus is so useful? I never knew. especially I have been using the hashtag functionality but never knew that it helps in SEO.

    I love hangouts as well and think it is the best online video conferencing solution. Anyways, fantastic tutorial. I loved it and would love to share with my readers as well
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  2. says

    Hello there,
    In Google+, Look when we use #tags then that person get tagged which is mentioned in tag. But when we “+” in name of a specific title, is that post go to that person. I mean its function is same as that of “@” in twitter ??
    Thanks regards

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