The iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Here we’ll cover tutorials on several topics related to iPad.

10 Best Blogging Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad Apps

Whether you are in USA, UK, Canada, or any part of the world, now you can enjoy a well-written, neat, and error-free blogging using numerous blogging applications available on iPhone or iPad devices. Let us have a quick look at few of them. 1. Blog with iBlogger It is a superb blogging application, which is not free but costs only $10 to users and that is quiet affordable. It …

Why is iPad a Wastage of Time for teens?

iPad Wastage of Time

Although Apple is well known for its ability to craft new and interesting devices that transform overnight into a subculture, the iPad does not seem to be in the same category as iPhone and iPod. The so called new iPad is not a huge step from its predecessors, and since it is not the awaited iPad 3, people are already hurrying to call it a waste of time and money. Here are some reasons …

Top 12 Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 4S and iPad 2

Activator v1.6.2

Jailbreaking permits iOS users to have control on the device as super user in other words system administrator. With Jailbreak, the device is permitted download additional applications etc. which otherwise are not available from the Apple App Store. As net result, a jailbreaked application/OS will have more privileges than intended by the developer. While jailbreaking the tools …

Great iPad 2 Tools for Business


The iPad is the world’s top tablet computer for good reason. A powerful, reliable device, the iPad 2 offers almost limitless possibilities when one takes the amazingly vast number of apps available into consideration. Many business people have been turning to tablets, particularly the iPad 2. Very versatile and super portable, tablets such as this are great solutions for working on the …

Apple iPad3 – Advantages and Disadvantages

Apple iPad 3 Advantages and Disadvantages

Apple has certainly changed the lifestyle of millions of people. The world is witnessing a digital revolution in the form of new age smart phones, tablets, ultra thin notebooks and thanks to Apple! They are the pioneer in this market and Steve Jobs deserves all accolades. People were so obsessed with the iPhones and iPads. iPad2 had rocked the sales figures and it emerged as a clear …

Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Showdown

Kindle Vs. Nook Vs. iPad

Traditional paper books are slowly becoming things of the past. E-reader devices and e-books have done for literature what the iPod did for music: give readers the convenience of carrying thousands of books and magazines in a single, easy-to-carry device. Unlike the iPod, however, which technology is supreme has yet to be decided. The Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook/Nook Color, …