Why You shouldn’t Feel Guilty about Using Cell Phone Spy

Why You shouldn’t Feel Guilty about Using Cell Phone Spy

Cell phone spy applications have become increasingly popular amongst parents and spouses for monitoring a loved one’s smart phone activities. But while cell phone monitoring tools like iPhone or Windows Mobile spy Software can indeed provide peace of mind to parents and loved ones, they can also cause guilt. Although it is certainly true that you are “snooping” on a loved one if you install cell phone spy software on their smart phone, here are 3 reasons why you should never feel guilty about your “snooping”:

Cell Phone Spy

You Have a Right to Know the Truth

As a parent or spouse, you have the right to know the truth about your relationship even if that means using applications like Windows Mobile Spy to get it. If you even think that you might need cell phone spy apps to monitor a loved one’s activity, then chances are very high that your suspicions are justified. With people using applications and special tools to “hide contacts” and other cell phone activities, you have a right to know why by installing cell phone monitoring tools like Windows Mobile Spy.

You Have the Right to Protect What You Love

Whether talking about children or relationships, you have the right to use every legal means possible to protect what you love including the secret installation of cell phone spy apps. Although features will vary depending on which cell phone spy application you select, you want to install more advanced apps that include these core surveillance tools:

  • Chat Log
  • IM Log
  • Picture and Video Log
  • Call Recording
  • Location Tracking
  • Contact and Call Details
  • Web History

Your Cell Phone Activity May Already Be Monitored

Think it’s impossible for your own smartphone to be secretly monitored using a tool like iPhone or Windows Mobile Spy? Well if someone is using a cutting edge cell phone spy app, you would never even realize your activities were being secretly monitored. And if you have been issued a company smart phone, don’t be surprised if your activities haven’t been watched from the moment they issued you the phone. More and more businesses, just like parents and spouses, are relying on smart phone monitoring tools like Windows Mobile Spy to get the information they need to make informed decisions about their relationships.


Its human nature: People, from our children to our significant other, lie from time to time. Although the reasoning for the lies may vary dramatically along with their consequences, cell phone spy applications don’t judge or manipulate—they merely monitor and record the truth and let you decide what to do about it. As a person, you have a right to know the truth and protect your children and your relationships. So never feel guilty about using cell phone surveillance tools like iPhone or Windows Mobile Spy because you have the right to get the answers you want and deserve. And besides, someone may already be using cell phone spy software to monitor you right now!


  1. Dave Wilson says

    I think parents should not feel guilty for monitoring their kids. Its all part of keeping them safe. Kids these days can get into so much that it’s necessary to use Mobile Spy these days. I’ve tried it and it works great.

  2. edward presto says

    Taking care of teens is not an easy thing. Which instance parents should be more guilty monitoring them or not keeping them safe? We as parents has responsibility that is to provide food, clothing and security.

    If you asking me I’m not guilty using cell phone spy software.

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