How to Protect Mobile Device from the Threat of Loss, Theft and Malware

How to Protect Mobile Device from the Threat of Loss, Theft and Malware

Today, many of us might feel lost without a mobile device of some kind. Whether it’s to make calls, keep in touch with our friends and colleagues or to check our emails, life without a smartphone or a tablet might be deemed unimaginable. As the most sophisticated mobile devices come with large price tags, they may become attractive to criminals for one reason or another.

Protect Mobile Devices

An increasing proportion of web traffic comes from the use of mobile devices, which are due to overtake PCs in terms of sales at some point this year. Meanwhile, many top-of-the-range smartphones and tablets can cost as much as a standard desktop or laptop, so they may prove to be enticing for potential thieves as well, but keeping your device safe doesn’t have to be too difficult.

Under Lock and Key

Regarding your mobile devices’ security, the first thing you should do is try to keep them somewhere safe if not being used. Then, assuming you’re able to, create a password or pin number that’s hard to steal – one that contains a number of upper and lower case letters plus a few numbers and symbols should be sufficient enough.

The next thing you should do is think about what you plan to do to prevent your device from being compromised by viruses, spyware, worms and Trojans – all forms of malware. Mobile protection tips offered by security experts are always useful, as is making sure that you only download apps and visit webpages that have genuine security certificates, but there’s more to it than that.

Antivirus to the Rescue?

To ensure that your devices are guarded against the threat of being infected by a potentially damaging virus, you should consider downloading an antivirus app for each device. The typical antivirus app or program designed for mobile devices can perform scans whenever they’re needed, and can also provide real-time protection, meaning that they can find a virus and warn you about it.

For added convenience, it’s possible to use the same program across all your internet-capable devices. The Norton 360 antivirus product that protects multiple devices is a good example, while not having to pay for different apps will save a little money as well as time spent on each different piece of software. Be sure to use your antivirus program daily, performing a scan just to be sure.

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  1. says

    Everyone wants more application in their smart phones. More virus affected in smart phones.Anti virus is must for smart phones.Thanks for sharing this type of article.Keep posting.

  2. says

    Everyone wants more application in their smart phones. More virus affected in smart phones.Anti virus is must for smart phones.Thanks for sharing this type of article.
    thnx admin, thnx 4 sharing :)

  3. says

    Good post and I think anti virus software is going to become a bigger talking point. To date the main threat to phones has been theft (or losing them) but as the phones become more integrated into society, and hence more beneficial to hackers, there will be a rise in the number of threats to be ready..Thanks for the post, Rob

  4. says

    Security is important in every term either it is our life or the products which we are using. These android or iphone apps are very useful for protecting our smart phones from theft. I tried antivirus. Antivirus notifies you if someone changes the sim. It is the best app in regards to safety purpose.

  5. says

    You have tried to deliver your best but I am not satisfied with these things. Its true that we need to set up strong password but it is not useful because now a days there are IT experts. They will just change the operating system and no one able to track the product.

    Now, Here is my responsibility to open a questions for Manufacturers and IT expert. How we can stop these things. How we can stop the operating system locked on these devices.
    AbduL GhaFFaR recently posted – Use of Hvac Service Management SoftwareMy Profile

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