Online security: The Three Basics Every Business Should be Aware of

Online security: The Three Basics Every Business Should be Aware of

Businesses of all sizes will want to protect what’s valuable, especially if it’s something that has sensitive data relating to dealings with a client, financial results or a major project. Many businesses are reliant on the internet to some degree to operate effectively for marketing, sales and communication purposes, but it could also prove to be a gateway for criminals to attack.

Online Security

This is why it’s important for you and all your colleagues to take care online, as you can never be too sure of what might happen. Unwittingly, you might end up clicking on an infected webpage or download something that could make a device beyond use, but to try and make sure you’re worry-free, here are three things that your business must do to keep safe online at all times:

Install Anti-malware Software

This is the first thing you should do, but why? It will act as the first line of defence between your business and being infected by at least one type of malware. The most common types of malware are viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware and adware, each of them proving to be equally harmful if they’re not stopped in their tracks.

Strong anti-malware software can help you to counter such threats as quickly as possible. They can perform scans for malware at any time you like while logged on, while they simultaneously offer real-time protection so that it can identify a threat and get rid of any infected files or at least quarantine them. However, the software must be kept up to date, so don’t ignore any updates.

Secure Your Network

If possible, this should be done alongside installation of anti-malware protection. Alongside that, you could secure your entire network by installing a firewall on each device. They often work well together to keep every single worker safe when online, but what else is needed for network security? You will need to:

  • Ensure that every staff member has a password that cannot be stolen easily. Changing it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis is advisable.
  • Establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for anyone who wants to work from home to access their work account. This can help to protect any important files among other things.

Both are highly effective at making your business’ network secure, but that alone is insufficient. An optional network analyser can help to spot anything that seems a little strange, and in the hands of a dedicated member of staff can be tackled ASAP.


Log management is vital for keeping important information safe, not only from intruders, but to help monitor and aid employees. RandomStorm offers additional in-depth information regarding the many features of monitoring through log management which can help to keep a business of any size safe. The tech breakthrough that RandomStorm have uncovered is that many cyber-attacks can be pre-empted using data from security logs. Advanced Security Log Alert Management (SLAM) systems processes log data from the servers and shut down attacks it believes are about to happen. Very minority report!

The company hit headlines recently with their latest software StormAgent, one of the most advanced log management pieces on the market. The software not only makes the process more thorough, but it’s easy for employees to use and much faster.

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    Aside from installing anti-malware software, one should always have backup for important files which can be stored in the cloud like Dropbox. When it comes to network security, programs like LastPass will be excellent to secure your passwords. Thanks for sharing such an informative article.

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    great tips. But never forget to backup your data before taking any serious action, whether it is implementing any security suite or updating your data.

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    Needless to say that online security is needed if we want to secure our personal and professional information safe and secure. You have given a good insight in your article,. Thanks for sharing such valuable information and please keep updating me with such valuable information in future as well.
    David Martin recently posted – Spy Emergency 3.0: Overview, priceMy Profile

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