5 Key Steps to Become a Successful PHP/ MySQL Developer

5 Key Steps to Become a Successful PHP/ MySQL Developer

When it comes to creating a dynamic website with data storing capability, site developers choose PHP and MySQL along with other applications. The combination of these two have emerged as most effective and popular choice. This may be attributed to two main factors. Both these applications are available under open source licenses and their combination is secured and efficient.

PHP MySQL Developer

Security of a website is of paramount importance to site owners. This becomes more crucial while dealing with some important data that they may not like to share with others. PHP and MySQL can make sure that the access to secured part of data is controlled. No wonder that demand of PHP/MySQL developers is increasing. Here we will focus on key steps that are required to become a successful PHP/MySQL developer.

Avoid Using Print Statements for Debugging

If you are developing a solution by using elegant JavaScript framework ExJS then you may face some problems. A Firefox extension Firebug is used for debugging JavaScript component. However, the problem is getting the debugged information from PHP side to the application side. This is more important when you are expected to maintain JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) communication. There are basically two ways of debugging the PHP side of an application. Depending on JSON encoded strings for sending them back to JavaScript component is an obvious choice. The alternative is decoding them on the other side and displaying them either in alert window or in the console by using console.log.

Centralizing Database Updates

Build a single reusable function for updating your database. This can save time required for debugging. It also offers a single place for adding logging features to your updates. Let us consider a case where you are planning to create an update_log table for the keeping record of your updating. This table is intended for maintaining record of every column row column and table that you have updated, along with date and time of updating and mechanism used for updating. When mysql_query code is scattered around your website it is imperative to add this logic all over places. When updates are centralized in a single function you just need adding update_log logic to update function.

Understand Before Borrowing

Lifting codes from common applications is a practice that most developers follow. However, make sure that the codes you are lifting are applicable for your project. There is no harm in copying some repetitive codes but that should have some resemblance with the project. Learn about the codes and scripts. Buy relevant books and use them for necessary references.

Using Firebug

Firebug is an extension of the browser Firefox. It helps in inspecting HTML and JavaScript. It can be used for modifying layout and styles in real-time. Developing CSS, HTML and JS based applications is breeze with use of Firebug.

Modularizing JavaScript

The ExtJS (External JavaScript) development is responsible for rapid development. While you are busy writing, cutting and pasting component syntax your application blossoms on its own. Modularizing JS code helps in testing, debugging and adding more components to main JavaScript file. You can leverage iframes for implementing modular code. Managed iframe user extension is very useful for this purpose.

Keep checking the new updates on PHP official sites regarding latest developments of PHP/MySQL. Make sure that user input is not applied with the SQL query. Use of PHP extensions is recommended for securing confidential information.

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