Great iPad 2 Tools for Business

Great iPad 2 Tools for Business

The iPad is the world’s top tablet computer for good reason. A powerful, reliable device, the iPad 2 offers almost limitless possibilities when one takes the amazingly vast number of apps available into consideration. Many business people have been turning to tablets, particularly the iPad 2. Very versatile and super portable, tablets such as this are great solutions for working on the go or when traveling.

As mentioned, there are many apps that can be downloaded. Presently there are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPad. These apps make almost anything possible for your iPad, including many business and productivity functions. A lot of excellent business tools in the form of apps exist for the iPad2, and these are just a few of them.


HootsuiteSocial media has become a very necessary business tool. Whether drumming up new clients or looking to handle customer concerns, companies need a social media presence. Hootsuite makes this easy. This free app lets you add multiple social media streams, allowing you to then monitor and post to these accounts. You can also schedule out posts in advance. Social media management is easy with this free tool. Please note that only a limited number of social networks are allowed on a free account; social media managers with a lot of accounts to run should upgrade to the premium plan for a low monthly fee.


BentoThis app costs a little bit of money, but it is a great tool that is well worth a few dollars. This is an organizational app that lets you take control of your business or your life through your iPad 2. Flexible and easy to use, it comes loaded with several pre-made templates to let you start getting things in order immediately after downloading.


The Dropbox service has taken the business world by storm, and that means that this app is probably one of the first you should add to your new iPad 2. A file synchronization app, it is extremely useful for keeping you and your work connected and up to date. It is easy to use and very vital, but unfortunately, it will lack the full features you get if you were accessing Dropbox via a desktop or laptop computer.


iThoughts HD

iThoughts HDMind mapping is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts, flesh out new ideas and work out new concepts. It is how some of today’s top minds have come up with the modern era’s best new inventions and ideas. iThoughts HD is a mind mapping app for your iPad 2, meaning that you can quickly start embracing this concept. This colorful app lets you import and export between other mind mapping applications, so you and your creativity aren’t tied down. You can also do more than mind map with this great app; it is also excellent for doing things like taking notes during meetings, goal setting and more.

Sure, you have a job now, but who isn’t always looking for something bigger and better. This great free app can help you find the next big thing that could help you and your business talent blossom. This is a very functional, easy to use app to assist you as you find new opportunities.

Featured Monster

Note Taker HD

Note Taker HDThis is a very serious note taking application for your iPad 2. Another paid app, this one is not for the casual notetaker. This is a feature rich, flexible yet powerful business application. You can use this app to do any number of things including take traditional notes, create diagrams and even doodle.

Quickoffice Pro

This app, or one that is incredibly similar to it, is an essential Microsoft Office tool. This paid iPad 2 app allows you to easily do advanced editing of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. Users of Quickoffice find its interface intuitive and simple to start using. A file management solution comes integrated with this business application, letting you access many of the top cloud storage providers including Dropbox and Google Docs.

QuickOffice Pro

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