Top 5 Free Mobile Site Builders

Top 5 Free Mobile Site Builders

The prolific smartphone usage and innovations that followed has obligated the need for most people to be accessible on a smartphone or multimedia phone. Most of us use it now for online activity. Be it for a business, or any sort of organisation, if the intention is to be visible, or to interact with a market, or to communicate with people, then the mobile-phone optimized website, whether bespoke or adapted, is surely required to be readily accessible, in tandem with the web version. Undoubtedly the Internet’s next evolutionary growth is into mobile and portable devices. As technology improves so are bandwidth and computing power.

Now a days many people use mobiles, smart-phone and it’s essential to build mobile websites for our business. So if you wish to build the mobile version of your site, then the following 5 free mobile website builders would be quite helpful to you in that exercise.

Mobile Press

Mobile Press for WordPress

Mobile Press comes from WordPress and so can be used free to make any Word Press site into smartphone compatible one. It is a plug-in that you can use to render your Word Press blog on a high-end handset. So you can customise themes, get to track the site’s analytics and serve ads. Mobile Press is SEO enabled.

Mobile Plugin


Drupal has been developed by the open source community. The Drupal Mobile Plugin is a versatile solution as it can adapt the Drupal website content for portable devices very easily. It is configurable, enhancing device capability, easy to install and ready to run. Comes with automatic device detection.

Joomla Mobile Plugin


A product from Metropolia University of Helsinki, this open source initiative of Joomla has a plug-in to optimise the Joomla websites. It can be installed easily. The Joomla Mobile plug-in automatically resizes and places content clearly for readability. You can further follow the easy step-by-step process to configure it, to suit specific capabilities compatible to a smartphone or internet capable portable device.

Wapka Final

This WAP site host can set-up a custom domain free for you. is great to use and has a custom control panel with many features and more being added regularly to greatly enhance its utility. The custom tags in the Help Menu is for anyone not having knowledge of XHTML, PHP, WML and CSS. You can run your Ads too, so that revenue keeps coming. It helps you insert links on other WAP sites too. It allows you to load pictures from your phone. The features are many.


Create and host mobile sites using XtGem, with ease, without proper knowledge of programming and within minutes. This WAP builder offers you the service free. What’s more is that you can use your mobile phone to build professional-looking mobile websites. Build it using XtGem’s site builder, which also has a desktop site builder interface available. Hosting is free and without bandwidth limits. Site URLs are sub-domains. Nearly a million users use this user-friendly site generator/editor. It’s quite powerful having great features and is template driven. For instance you can generate thumbnails automatically of your uploaded images. All features are fully functional when using on a mobile browser. Yet another freedom is that you can use the code editor offered to tweak the generated code in HTML or CSS. Or paste your own on it.

Use mobile website builder and build a good mobile version of your site. Earn by building ads. Get revenue from your site using AdMob, InMobi, AdModa and other such networks. Support comes from other users and the XtGem staff. Register at the website and sign-up free to advance your operations.


  1. Mj says

    Hey great site , why do not consider to write off some blogging tips as well ?
    How to earn more , grow seo traffic , share with us !

  2. Abhishek Jain says

    Yeah that is true..but rather than these kind of software we can build our website in a responsive manner. So that they can be easily accessible from mobile phones too. Thanks

  3. says

    I like to work with joomla,because we can easily understand the concept,building the website in lesser time and it also offers lots of benefits, so i prefer joomla mobile plugin.

  4. says

    Hi ,
    Amazing Tools :) Thanks for sharing.. Good I am Very Happy to saw this post.. This is the Great Tools for convert Mobile Version websites

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