Data Recovery – Top Tips to Follow

Data Recovery – Top Tips to Follow

We are all becoming more and more adept at handling computers. However, with more knowledge comes the desire to learn more, and that is where we tend to get adventurous while working with computers and end up messing the data up. A data loss can put to rest your hard work of several weeks, and could leave you stranded. If you have had a history of messing things inside your computer, these few tips will stand you in good stead whenever you face any data loss issues.

Deleted them in a fit of carelessness?

You would certainly not be the first person in Atlanta who’d feel like shooting himself in the feet after realizing that the all important document folder got deleted just because you didn’t care to read the name properly! Such accidental mistakes happen all the while, and that pretty much explains why data recovery firms like SalvageData, DriveSavers, Data Savers LLC etc are doing great business in Atlanta. Anyways, it is more important to know what to do after committing the mistake of deleting files without reading their names. It so happens that the deleted file doesn’t actually get removed from the memory; just the tagging associated with the memory space gets changed. The real risk is that of the memory space being overwritten with new data, which mostly leads to massive difficulties in recovering the data. So, resist the bait and do not install any data recovery programs into your laptops and computers after accidentally deleting files. These programs could easily, and very ironically, overwrite the data that you want to recover. Taking the drive to a data recovery lab is the smartest bet in such cases. Here are 2 more reasons that will convince you into being more inclined towards letting experts come to your rescue. The amounts of money involved in recovering data that is partially or completely overwritten are mammoth. On the other hand, you give yourself the best chance of having your data back quickly and without much expense if you do not waste time in taking the drive to hard drive recovery experts like the guys at SalvageData (It’s my personal opinion).

Desk with Equipment

(Desk with Equipment)

Accidentally Formatted a Partition?

If you are an adventurous computer freak who just can’t resist messing things up, the day is not far away when you’d format a drive or a partition. Such an action leads to the re-initialization of the Meta information and administrative notes associated with the drive. Because of this, you would lose out on the data in the affected partition as there will be no way for the system to define as to which data belongs to which files. Even recovery software products will not be of much avail, as they’d assume that the files are stored in sequential clusters. Formatted the drive with a different file system? You are facing an even steeper climb. In all such cases, your only hope is the service of a data recovery lab available in Atlanta. Thankfully, you have such a renowned and expert data recovery services easily accessible in Atlanta.

Lab in Atlanta

(One of the Lab in Atlanta)

Inadvertent power losses are becoming a routine?

Do you know how serious a risk is posed to your hard drive’s data if you do not have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system installed? Power failure is regarded as one of the most common reasons of data loss in Atlanta. Having to struggle with unsaved and corrupted files is just one part of the problem. The sensitivity of hard drives to static electricity has been well documented, and power fluctuations or sudden shocks are certainly not a very environment for data storage media to be in. Apart from having a UPS in place, you could also embrace the smart habit of saving your files every now and then. Of course, you have some reliable data recovery services in Atlanta to take care of everything.


  1. Jeremy Norton says

    Having unsaved files deleted is my usual issue before. I used to accidentally delete files and it really is a long work doing things all over again. I guess I would have to try these services you gave.
    Jeremy Norton recently posted – Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  2. Richard Watson says

    After a major data loss last year, I honestly thought that my information was gone forever. Boy was I wrong! Thanks to a work partner, I was referred to CSU in Palm Beach Gardens. CSU was a life saver; they retrieved my data and provided an outstanding backup solution to protect my data from future mishaps. Check out their website here

  3. says

    I didn’t realize that power loss could be such a bad thing for your hard drive. That could explain why so much data seems to be corrupted on my computer now. I’ll have to see if I can get any that data back at all, and get a UPS system like you mentioned.

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