Custom Login Screen for Mystique Theme 2.4.3

Custom Login Screen for Mystique Theme 2.4.3


This tutorial was written for the Mystique WordPress theme up to 2.4.3 and since version 3.0 the themes code has change that much that these tutorial no longer work. Read this article if you are using new version of Mystique theme: How to Change the Login Screen in Mystique 3.0+.

Searching for custom login screen for Mystique theme I finally reached Chris K Designs and thanks to him for the same but oops it wasn’t working fine. Later as I was not a newcomer in this field I thought of working on it and very soon after a few modifications with the help of my colleague Nidheeshdas Thavorath we did it and here we are making it available for you all. It is very easy to customize Login screen for Mystique WordPress Theme.

Custom Login Screen for Mystique Theme

First you need to download the file, unpack it, then upload the custom-login folder to your mystique folder. The directory is ‘/wp-content/themes/mystique/’.

Download Custom Login Zip File

Now, under Appearance -> Mystique Settings -> Advanced -> User functions, add following code:

function custom_login() {
    echo 'css" href="' . get_bloginfo('template_directory') . '/custom-login/custom-login.css" />';
add_action('login_head', 'custom_login');

function change_wp_login_url() {
   echo bloginfo('url');
add_filter('login_headerurl', 'change_wp_login_url');

function change_wp_login_title() {
   echo get_option('blogname');
add_filter('login_headertitle', 'change_wp_login_title');

and then click on Save Changes and you have done it.

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If you’re facing any problems let us know in form of comments below.


  1. Pranjal says

    You can also use “Theme my login” plugin for more customization that also allows to login from page and redirect back :)

      • Pranjal says

        Yeah we are using this plugin along with “custom login page” because, theme my login doesn’t bring any change to default wp-login.php

        and yeah the website is which, is not mine as I am just one of the editor of the site and worked with it’s webmaster before creating the site.

      • Pranjal says

        Additionally, theme my login plugin use seperate page to login like “”- isn’t it great :)

  2. Chris K says

    Thanks for linking back to my site. Sorry I didn’t get back to you as quickly as I should have. Things have been hectic for at work lately and it’s been keeping me away from my plugin development. Looks great! and thanks again for the link back.


  3. Lukas says

    Hi Rajesh,

    I tried everything you said, but the custom login screen doesn’t seem to be working :(