Create Standout Brand Image with a Distinctive Logo Design

Create Standout Brand Image with a Distinctive Logo Design

New media has opened up innumerable ways to get connected and access information in order to remain informed. Blogs are also one of the most interactive means of communication often used for communicating company policies, important announcements, consumer queries and reach out to internal and external public. A logo is a symbol that represents the company, person or institution anywhere in the media so that people may connect to it. An excellently designed logo reflects the nature and style of the organization or the blog.

Distinctive Logo Design

A blog has definitely opened up new sources of communication but the clutter of websites and online stages of sharing content has posed stiff competition for the bloggers to make their own image and position in the mind of their customers. Today the world recognizes BRANDS and for building a strong brand association a customer needs to register the logo of the company or the blog. A logo that is designed needs to be simple, eye-catching, unique and must portrait colors which would aid a company, organization or a blog to speak about its nature type and even match up to the psychology of the target audience. A designer must always keep in mind that the symbol will be the mascot of the company on all official documents, announcements and public dealings therefore it should be such that people get connected to it. The graphically designed mark gives an identity to your organization and also signifies an idea or a philosophy that the company or a blog wishes to spread through its target audience or customers.

Importance of Logo Design

It is very important for a blogger or website owner to choose a clear and distinct emblem for his blog or organizations it may make or break brand image in the market. A logo, with a simple design and woven around the name of the company, should be idea generating and contain right use of principles of a design. It should look totally balanced from color and shape aspect. A logo should not create illusion in the viewer’s mind and overuse of symbols or figures should be avoided as it makes it look heavy to eyes. It should be symmetrical and the choice of colors should be in accordance with nature of the blog and the content in it.

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Logo and Branding

We are living in the era of globalization where people from all over the world come and share their ideas and in order to make a difference and have an edge over other companies or blogs, one needs to establish a brand image that is very specific to the company. Logo is an integral step of branding and usually most of the successful blogs running online have a popular logo.

Today one can never expect the audience to response or give attention to a website or a blog that does not appears interactive or attractive. Logo Designing is the primary step of building the brand association and rest of the promotional and branding strategies follow it. It’s a proof of authenticity of the content that is provided as the graphic mark assures that blog and the organization are in sync. The blogs that are created entirely for advertising or promotional purposes must specially keep in mind that an attractive logo will turn eyeballs to the content. Since branding is an ever evolving process, therefore logo can undergo some modifications as the brand or the blog grows. It is also very creative these days to have a logo design that is very symbolic.

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Logo and Target Audience

In every communication channel, whoever is the estimated receiver of the piece of information or message sent by the sender through any channel, is the target audience. Whatever content is made on blogs is meant for a specific target audience that has a varied demography, geography, lifestyle and perception about life. A logo designed for a blog should understand these needs and be in accordance to its taste. For example, a logo made for a blog that contains religious content of any specific community will contain colors, symbols or script popular to that religion in order to make it more acceptable and memorable.


  1. says

    I agree to you, LOGO design is a must if you are to put yourself among your competitors. A well designed and attractive logo can help you gain more traffic into your website or blogs in the expense of some time spend brainstorming the overall look of the logo and during the design process.

  2. Alexandra Rosales says

    The logo design are the first thing that the public notice that is why we should take time in developing a effective and attractive.

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