Blogging is Not for Everybody – And Here is Why

Blogging is Not for Everybody – And Here is Why

It’s true! Blogging is not for everybody. Many people prefer to run a regular website because they can’t find the time to continually update a blog. Others are not natural chatterboxes and find it difficult to come up with things to talk about.

Blogging is Not for Everybody

If you are not patient, prefer quick results to hard work or don’t find it easy to make relationships and entertain people, then perhaps blogging is not for you – or perhaps it is! Let’s have a look at why many people fail with their blogs, or don’t even get off the starting blocks while others are very successful. Even some successful bloggers began with a false start because they were too quick, keen and eager to get going!

Blogging is Not an Easy Way to Make Money

Did you ever see one of these adverts saying something along the lines of ‘make a thousand bucks a day with this one simple trick’? Nope? Then where have you been the last 100 years!

I remember one old guy telling me he answered a newspaper ad back in the early 1960s about ‘How to Get Rich Quick’ and he paid $7 for a booklet that would give him all the information he needed plus the starting product to do it.

He sent off the 7 bucks (1960s remember!) expecting never to see it again, but yes, he did get the booklet in the post, bound in a cheap plastic folder and comprising all of about 10 pages. It explained how to copy this booklet, bind it in a cheap plastic folder, advertise it in the press and how to collect all the cash he would get for selling it! Selling it to mugs like him!

No, he didn’t get mad, he just laughed at his own gullibility. Keep in mind that these were the days long before PCs or email. Even The Beatles were new! Press-dial telephones were all the rage – if you could get one!

Readers Make Blogs Successful

You can count yourself lucky if you make any money from blogging in your first 3-6 months. To make money you need readers. Internet marketers who make money from their websites often say that ‘the money is in the list’. They create lists of names and email addresses using subscription forms and autoresponders. They can then send their list members regular information on their niche and relevant products.

Bloggers can do the same, but generally rely on regular readers. Good successful bloggers have no need of an email list (though it won’t hurt) since they provide regular information with each post. If they have interesting facts about their niche, they post it. If they have a new product to sell, they post it! This involves a lot of research for new topics to post about and a lot of work in writing and publishing the post.

Blogging is Hard Work

No, there is no easy money and no easy way to make money unless you are very lucky with your next horse! Blogging is just the same. One reason why blogging is not for everybody is that it is hard work, and not an easy way to make money. It takes time to build up a decent-sized readership, and even more time to keep them supplied with interesting information.

Consider your local library. Once you have read all the books in your specific niche or area of interest, you would expect to find new ones coming along. If not you would leave and find another source of books on your topic. A blog is the same. You must regularly provide your readers with new material, and this takes time and work.

So the main reason why blogging is not for everybody is because not everybody is prepared to do the hard work to find topics to blog about. They want the easy way – they want to tell everybody just to copy them and they will make money. In fact, they don’t make money themselves because they don’t put the effort into it – and blogging is not just about cash!

Hobby Blogging is No Different

When people use their blog simply tell people of their thoughts, to pursue a hobby with like-minded others or just to have fun, then blogging is a lot easier. They have no pressures on them to make money as professional bloggers do, and they can post when they have the time to. Anybody like this can be a blogger – for a short time!

That’s because the commitment must still be there if they wish to retain interest. Even with hobby blogs, if they are not to lose all their readers they must still keep providing fresh content. That’s what blogging is about – whether you are a professional trying to make money or a hobby blogger – it’s not much different. If your readers keep seeing last week’s post then they will not stay with you for long.

You Must Enjoy Creating Content

Not everybody enjoys creating their own content. That’s another reason why not everybody enjoys blogging. Blogging involves LOTS OF CONTENT!! You may have to write a great deal of your time, or make videos or podcasts – but it takes up your time, and if you don’t really enjoy doing that – REALLY ENJOY doing it! – well then, perhaps it’s not for you.

If you write 3-5 posts each week and also become involved in regularly commenting on other blogs, which you will have to do if you want to be known within the blogging community, you can expect to write around 4,000+ words every week! Not just that, but find the material to write all these words about.

You must enjoy creating content to achieve that week after week, month after month, year after year. Plus, you must be creating content that other people will love – not just what you like. No, blogging is not for everybody, and that’s another reason why. However, if you can do that, then it can be very rewarding.

How to Be a Successful Blogger

If you can make friends and relate to other people, then you will find it easier to become a successful blogger. However, even if you don’t find that so easy, you can still provide people what they want if you know how to write. If you can help others to solve their problems, show them some support in what they are trying to do and mentor them, then blogging will be easier for you. Read our 9000+ words publication to know more about how to blog.

No – blogging is not for everybody, but everybody can blog if they put their mind to it. Accept that success is not immediate. Accept that blogging is not a quick road to riches. Accept that you might have to stay in to write that post rather than go out with your friends tonight. Accept all that, and you have taken the first step to being a successful blogger and meeting lots of like-minded friends online.

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  1. says

    When I started blogging things were easier. It was a lot less noisy that’s for sure. I started with small pieces of content and gradually built it up, I’m a lazy marketer so I love what blogging does for me. However, if someone had told me that blogging was writing I’d never have started. and if someone told me I’d be constantly creating content; I’d never have started… (you can see where this is going can’t you ;)), as for making friends… if someone had told me that I’dve never started blogging…

    The truth is simple, you need discipline to be a blogger, you can learn everything else but if you lack focus and have no discipline then you won’t make it as a blogger. And I think people will read your open and honest article and think “hmm Rajesh is just trying to put me off” and start to blog anyway. In truth this is one of the best articles I’ve read about starting blogging, and it will only encourage people to blog more.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted – What Are the Best Types of Subscriber Opt-in Offers?My Profile

  2. says

    Rajesh I Agree with you but have you ever wondered that you will find thousands of Blogs related to technology.gadgets etc. as most bloggers have technical knowhow but very few blogs on Actual Social Issues because those who know about it fall prey to SEO,Link Building & Google Algo. updates
    Shubham recently posted – Important Facts Of LifeMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi rajesh,
    I am agree with you blogging is not for everybody. some people start blogging for earn money quickly and if they will not succeed then they stop doing blogging.Blogging is hard work and you have to always ready to help other and you must happy with what you are doing.Really worth reading post. thank you for sharing.
    sameer recently posted – Google Doodle Marks India’s 65th Republic DayMy Profile

  4. says

    You really need to enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts with the world in order to become a successful blogger. It takes a long time before you’ll actually make good money with blogging so you need to be passionate about it in order to make it through the dry spell at the beginning.

    Most people give up early on because they expect a huge amount of success as soon as they start a blog. They don’t realize that you need to work hard at creating great content. Even with great content though, you still need to put in the work to actually get traffic to your blog in order for people to see it.

    Blogging is definitely not for everyone and most people will fail. The great thing about it is that you’ll know pretty early on if you want to continue pursuing blogging or not.
    Mike Howg recently posted – 7 Best AdSense Alternatives for BloggersMy Profile

  5. says

    Totally agree with you because blogging needs a lots of afort and quality content. We have to update our blog regularly with unique and quality content. As per my point of view, blogging is not possible for those people who want ot do blogging on part time.

  6. says

    Yes , I myself is an example for this post. I tried to get successfull in blogging but I always end up not concentrating on blog or traffic. Its like 2years I came into the world of blogging, web design but I never made a significant success in any of them . Ofcourse we need passion and patience which I lack in
    Raviraj recently posted – Valentine’s Day Romantic SMSMy Profile

  7. keshav sharma says

    Nice post for serious bloggers. This is true that blogging is not an easy way to make money online. Thanks Rajesh for this post

  8. says

    Even though I’m a blogger, I do agree with what you are saying. Blogging takes a lot of your time and energy. Its fun, knowing that your blogging and that hopefully people will see and like your content. But at the same time it is stressful because its not for everyone. So I definitely relate and understand to what you are saying here in your article.

  9. says

    Very nice article
    I can’t agree more with your point of view. This is not a play ground for everyone. If you don’t have enough patience, information and beyond all is your passion on writing, blogging is not for you. Some people thinks that blogging can make money easily, but not, it takes me a long time when i can have some profits from my blog and it’s still difficult to maintain it day by day. So that you should have a second though when you want to push yourself on this field.
    thanks for your sharing.
    Stephan recently posted – Why you should start your business with Opencart?My Profile

  10. says

    Every body is having a different opinion on the blogging. Blogging is really not for every one, there are lots of things to be done to earn from blog for long run. It requires time and real hard work. But tons of people are doing blogging to earn money by anyhow. They are creating a low quality content to attract the visitors and earn money. I really hate these kind of fake bloggers.
    hunny garg recently posted – Top 5 best High Quality headphones to use under 15000/-My Profile

  11. says

    i surely agree with hunny garg. there are lots of bloggers, who are just doing spamming and making tons of money. Every second blogger is teaching blogging to some one even though they dont know the meaning of quality content.
    But we cant stop those people. But in these crowded environment, some of the pro bloggers are working very well, they believe in providing the correct rather than to make money online.
    Akshay recently posted – Download Talking Tom 3 for Java Mobile Phones Nokia 5130c/5130/S40/LGMy Profile

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