Axvoice – Just not another average VoIP provider you see

Axvoice – Just not another average VoIP provider you see

I don’t do technology reviews for living; instead I have an inbound passion for reviewing technology toys in my blood. Whenever I see a new technology service or product out in the market, I just can’t resist reviewing it. VoIP technology is one of the areas where I want to share my experience with people by helping them know more about a product or service.

Quality of Voice

I love to hear voice on Internet phone. The most serene sound of phone is on a good Internet phone service. One of the earlier impresser’s that impressed me about VoIP service was the voice quality that they offered. You will see a lot of advertisements of Internet phone companies that claim to offer very high quality of voice to their customers, but when you use them, they thoroughly disappointment you. Axvoice was however different in this regard. I made several calls to New Jersey, New York and California, and they all went smooth. Then I contacted two of my friends in Great Britain and France, and there wasn’t any difference in call quality. The voice was clear and even longer duration calls went on without any hiccups.

Phone Bills

The phone bill you receive at the end of the month should be an important consideration in choosing a VoIP service. If you don’t have any reduction in your phone bill, you need to dump your service and look for a new one. Local calls cost the same with Axvoice like in case of any other Internet phone service. International calls on the other hand are significantly cheaper to make. I found the international call rates surprisingly low and even beating some of the renowned players of the VoIP industry. If you have friends using Axvoice, you will be able to make them unlimited free calls as well. This is good news for people having friends and family members using Axvoice.

Setting up the Phone

Axvoice uses the VoIP equipment to make and receive phone calls. I ordered my phone through regular mail and received it within few days. The setting up of the phone was relatively easy for me. All I had to do was follow the guidelines as a lame user to set it up. There is a VoIP ATA offered in the package. You need to connect the VoIP ATA with your Internet line on one end and phone on the other. I often find it very annoying that I have to make a lot of settings to keep my Internet phone running with slow Internet connection. Thankfully, I did not have to do all that with Axvoice and it went up and running within no time.

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD

Axvoice facilitates its new phone users transferring themselves to it from other services by offering them BYOD or bring your own device feature. This feature allows the users to use the equipment of their old VoIP provider while having the phone service of Axvoice by paying a very small amount. Many VoIP providers however compel you to invest their equipment instead of facilitating you.

Service Features

Axvoice offers more than two dozen features in its service. The important thing to remember is that Axvoice does not charge anything extra for the more advanced features that it offers. The average VoIP provider categorizes features into basic and advanced to charge more to its customers. This is another saving you will have once switching to Axvoice. I don’t find anything bad about Axvoice which would be going against it. When I find everything in Axvoice that I need from a good VoIP provider like call quality, low call rates, and more advanced features, why wouldn’t I go for it.

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  1. Adam Hazzout says

    Well I have been with many voip service providers in the last few years. My experience is you have to face some minor problems with every provider but it only happens during configuration. However, with axvoice, configuration has been a smooth process for me.

  2. Olawale says

    This is really great informative post on VoIP service provider different from the widely known Skype. Thanks for the information shared here :)

  3. Adam Hazzout says

    Besides easy configuration, the main quality of axvoice is its easy to use system. Whenever you login you would be able to access your billings and other records easily. Besides billing, you can customize your features also.

  4. Greg Hutchison says

    Yes I have used a few other providers and I have noted that features of voip service are quite easy to use. Other service providers are also offering some of these features but they are very difficult to use for an ordinary man who has never used voip before.

  5. Gabriel Malo says

    The most important of all is perhaps the price. VoIP phone service is best know for its low prices. Axvoice’s plans and packages capture every budget. Either you want to start a new business or need to talk to your family abroad, they have a package according to your budget.

  6. Gordon says

    I was with Axvoice for 1 year and could not wait for that year to expire. Their customer support is atrocious. I would file a trouble with their on-line support
    and most often it would take them two or three days to respond. Then instead of trying to find the problem their only solution was to much latency on my ISP.
    After talking to my ISP about stated problems the ISP could find no problems. In the entire year I was with them I continued to have dropped calls, VOIP
    with no service(I had call forwarding to my cellphone). Then when my one year contract was up I immediately went to another VOIP server. When I contacted
    Axvoice I was informed that a charge of $39.99 would be charged to my account until my equipment was returned and tested. My tracking documentation
    assures my that delivery was made on 04 Nov 2011 and as I write this Axvoice has refused to answer my inquiries(on-line only means to communicate). I have
    requested a response twice and not even a courteous acknowledgement. My heart felt recommendation is that anybody thinking about doing business with
    Axvoice give a strong thought to going to another VOIP provider.

  7. John Mclane says

    With the help of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), users can make cheap international phone calls through their computer system. VoIP offer smooth communication with quality control and wonderful sound quality.

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